Tuesday, April 9, 2013

HKDL Mystic Manor AP Preview Will Start April 26 !

Yes, Mystic Point and the Mystic Manor attraction are opening soon at Hong Kong Disneyland and Magic Access Member ( Annual Pass Holders ) previews will happen on April 26, April 30, May 3 and May 4, the official opening date for all HKDL guests will be May 16! 

So, in a bit more of two weeks from now we should have the first reviews and images from this highly awaited E-ticket!

Another interesting point about the Mystic Manor trackless ride vehicle system that many suppose to be the same than the one used for the TDL Winnie the Pooh ride or TDS Aquatopia: one of my reader - and apparently it's an information he had from an Imagineer at a D23 Expo - told me that "Neither Pooh's Hunny Hunt nor Aquatopia use either a GPS or LPS system".

"They use what WDI calls a Line-Wire system, which means that there is a wire buried in the concrete floor, and the ride vehicles follow the buried wire. This is why you can clearly see where the vehicles go on the floor with both of those rides. There are marks on the floor from the tires, and the vehicles always follow exactly the same patterns. So the rides are not really random at all, you just can't see the track. This is an advanced version of the ride system first used in Universe of Energy at Epcot.

I think that Mystic Manor will work the same way (this is what I was told by an Imagineer), but all the talk about bar code technology is confusing. There's no need to do that. Line-Wire is much better". 

And, also interesting, he added: "I also think that the WDS Ratatouille will also use a Line-Wire system".

I tried to double-check this and in fact - if they didn't did any changes - the Pooh vehicles in the TDL ride are following a grid of sensors located in the floor - not a wire - and the vehicles confirm their locations three times a second, based on those coordinates. The Pooh vehicles are programmed to follow their paths and speed up or slow down to make their schedule. A quite complicated technology, even if it works well. We'll see if they use the same one in Mystic Manor.

Let's end with three never-seen-before model pics that another reader sent to me, the first one showing the boarding room...

 ...the next one showing the model for the Solarium room ( but i think i've heard that the scene has been deleted - not sure, though...

...and the last one showing the scene 8 - Armour room.

On this video you can see shortly ( from 4.10 min ) some of the props already in place in the armor room.

So, who will be at Mystic Manor preview on April 26? 

Pictures: copyright Disney


Anonymous said...

The Solarium room scene is still here....

VAL•E said...

Hi !
On this video you can see some props already in Mystic Manor, yeah it's a very quick view but it gave an idea about the attraction !


Xavier said...

Really cool news! I am in Singapore in early May and I feared it wouldn't be open yet when I hop in HK. I was fortunate enough to be there for the grand opening of IASW and can't wait to ride MM...