Friday, May 31, 2013

Shanghaî Disneyland Update : SDL will use green technologies to generate power ! Plus: Park Entrance Map, and more

Last news from Shanghaî Disneyland as Shanghaî Disney Resort Management Company announced yesterday that Shanghaî Disneyland will adopt green technologies to generate some of its energy!

"SDL theme park will use natural gas as its primary energy source for electricity, heating, cooling and compressed air via distributed energy systems, thereby increasing overall energy efficiency three-fold, according to company sources.

A combined cooling and heating plant will be built and operated on site by Shanghai International Tourism and Resort Zone New Energy Company Limited, a joint-venture company owned by Huadian Fuxin Energy Corporation Limited, Shanghai Shendi (Group) Co Ltd, and Shanghai Yiliu Energy Group Co Ltd.

The plant will cost about 520 million yuan (US$84.8 million) and be connected to the city's power grid. It will be operational in time for the amusement park's grand opening, scheduled for the end of 2015.

Upon completion, the primary energy utilization rate of the project will be more than 80 percent, much higher than that of conventional energy resources, which is around 45 percent, said Huo Guangzhao, vice president of Huadian Fuxin Energy Corporation Limited.

The plant is expected to generate 170 million kilowatt-hours of on-grid energy annually, which can save about 20,000 tons of standard coal and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 75,000 tons, according to Huo.

"Shanghai Disney Resort has been devoted to seeking new technology and business solutions which reduce our impact on the environment, save resources, and promote sustainable technology, and to supporting all kinds of cooperation with our local partners," said Howard Brown, senior vice president overseeing development of the resort.

"The project is an excellent example of partnership, localization and Disney's long-term commitment to environment protection. We are excited to be creating a world-class destination here in Shanghai to showcase environmentally friendly and leading Chinese and international technologies," he added".

Always about SDL, Luke, from Luke and the Temple of Fun has posted last monday the interesting map above showing the connection between the bus terminal, the train station and the park entrance. Because everything written on it is in chinese, here is the translation - thanks to Luke! - for each word:

0. Equipment room
1. Bus terminal
2. Side entrance to connection area
3. Side entrance to connection area 
4. Park side entrance
5. Side entrance to connection area
6. Entertainment and dinning area 1
7. Park side entrance
8. Entertainment and dinning area 2
9. Park side entrance
10. Entertainment area
11. Park main entrance 
12. Entertainment area
13. Lake
14. Ferry station
15. Park side entrance
16. Construction line 
17. Construction line
18. Connection area (name of the whole area)
19. Vehicle entrance
20. Park service route

As you may have noticed, the map also show the entrance of the park (in blue, below) - as well as the entrance street which will be called Mickey Avenue (in orange, below) - and here is this part of the map in bigger size. Note that the part on the left will be the dining, shopping and entertainment area located outside the park although sticked to it.

This last picture is a zoom on the train station itself which, as you've seen on the first big map will be apparently located on the right, when the bus station will be on the left. Either the bus terminal or the train stations will be located quite near from the park so SDL visitors shouldn't have to walk too much to reach the park entrance!

Pictures: copyright Disney - Shendi - Many thanks to Luke and the Temple of Fun!

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