Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tom Staggs Presents Disney's MagicBand And My Magic + at D : All Things Digital Conference

Tom Staggs was at invited at D: All Things Digital conference to present the new "MagicBand" and My Magic +. You know, all these things that you'll get once you've reserved your next vacation to U.S Disney Parks and which are supposed to make everything easier for you during the visit. The real truth is a bit more complicated than that and Jay Rasulo also said recently that My Magic + was also a way for Disney to make sure that the guests will "stay" at Disney and won't go in others parks. Simply because My Magic + will allow the guests to prepare their trip before they left their home and once they will have planned their trip at Disney Parks chances are that they won't go, for instance, at Universal...

Personally i think that it might work with some of the guests but of course in the video below Tom Staggs - in which he is explaining what My Magic + will bring to the guests - don't mention what Jay Rasulo revealed. One other good reason to watch the video is that Pixar also did specially an almost five minutes long short animated showing Edna, the posh fashion designer from The Incredibles introducing the MagicBand!

Video: copyright Wall Street Journal


tobias said...

the less time people spend waiting in a queue or thinking about their next decision (where to go) the more time they have to spend money.... Clever, simple, and not surprising.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

I think that it's a nice idea, but it won't prevent people from going to Universal, especially after the opening of the Transformers ride, the Simpsons town with Moe's tavern (awesome!) and Harry Potter phase 1 in the future.

If they want people to stay in their parks more, they must invest in new attractions and shows instead.

The band is nice, but not such a big deal to justify spending USD 1.5 billion in it. With that money they could have built two major E-Ticket attractions in each of the four Florida parks, and that would for sure attract much more public to the Disney parks than a wristband!

But now that the wristband is a fact, does anyone know when it's going to be available to regular Disney Hotel guests?