Saturday, June 22, 2013

Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studios Update !

There we go for a new Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studios Update thanks to new pictures from Max Fan, D&M contributor and Dlrp Welcome webmaster. Let's start with the Disneyland Park and, first, an important news for those of you coming to the park by car as the police installed a new radar on the big avenue at the exit of the highway, the one leading to the parks. The radar flash the car from behind, so be careful next time you come to the park. Here is a map of where the radar is located, thanks to Raphael from the DCP forum.

At the entrance of the parks in front of Disney Village a new gate has been designed to be installed but DLP can't install it as for unknown reasons the construction has been blocked by prefectural order! Here is the concept-art of it, and i really wonder what could have blocked the authorization to build these quite classic gates...

They were expected for the summer season and here they are, the Disney Light Ears to be used during the Disney Dreams show, now sold in the park or at the World of Disney store for not less than 20 euros ( $25 ). I wonder how many they will sell...

Let's enter the Disneyland park and a good surprise awaits us at Town Square as musicians are playing in the gazebo at the center of Town Square.

Let's move to Frontierland at the Lucky Nuggets Saloon where an orchestra is also playing on the saloon stage. Sure, it was much better when the original show was there but it's also better than nothing at all, as it has been for many years until now.

Big Thunder Mountain re-opened in Frontierland but works on the new access for disable guests are still going on.

Near the River boats dock you can see a AA goat who seems to have escaped from his location on Big Thunder Mountain second lift near Mill building and Schak, where she usually pull clothes...

Max also posted on Youtube yesterday a new video showing DLP Fantasyland and the full It's a Small World ride. Here it is.

Let's move to the Walt Disney Studios to see at what point are the works on the Ratatouille ride buildings. Here is how it looked two weeks ago...

...and here is how the facades looks now - the picture below was shot yesterday. Small progress apparently but they're also taking care of others facades not shown on this shot.

Others pics from the construction site.

Max also did a excellent article about a presentation done recently by DLP to let us know  about DLP environmental actions and commitments. Max was there and his article is great and even so good that it was a bit too long to be translated! But there is plenty of pictures of what they've seen that special day including backstage pictures like the one below showing the backstage greenhouse where plants await to be ready to be installed in the park. So, if you read french do the jump to Max article right HERE, you will not regret it and learn a lot of things that you didn't knew, too! And Dlrp Welcome is also celebrating its 4th Anniversary today!

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Pictures: copyright Max Fan - Dlrp Welcome

Artwork: copyright Disney

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