Saturday, July 20, 2013

News From the Front : New Version of 20000 Leagues Cancelled, Tomorrowland Actress Announced, Iger Stay WDC CEO Until June 2016...

Some short news from the front, beginning by a bad one as the new version of 20000 Leagues Under The Sea directed by David Fincher has been cancelled by the WDC. 
I think we can call this a Lone Ranger "collateral damage" as it was another movie with a $200 million + budget and apparently Disney don't want to take the risk. Personally, and although as a big 20K fan i would have been curious to see this new version, i'm not depressed by this decision as i always thought that it would have been difficult to do better than the original 1950's version. But we will never know, may be this new version would have been great, too. 

Walt Disney Pictures also announced the name of the actress who will be the lead female role in Brad Bird's mysterious "Tomorrowland" movie, and it is Brittany Robertson who previously played in teens movies like "The First Time" and in the Under the Dome series.

Also, "At the request" of the WDC board of directors Bob Iger will stay as Disney's CEO until June 2016 instead than leaving on March 2015. There is probably a lot of reasons for that but among them one which is important to Iger, i.e to be there as Disney CEO for the grand opening of Shanghaî Disneyland. Mickey can be happy, but for us it is also a precious indication that, even if there is some delay, SDL will not open later... than June 2016.

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Anonymous said...

It would be very difficult to make 20.000 Leagues better than the original, especially with the pressure nowadays to make a movie hip and edgy. If you can remake a classic to retain what made it great, without destroying it by trying to make it hip and relevant and adding endless action, I'm all for it, unfortunately, it would be very hard to do. Will Smith as Captain Nemo definitely would not cut it.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

That must be the worst news about Disney movies of all times! It's really terrible!

Now to top it all they have to do is announce that the Del Toro new Haunted Mansion movie was also cancelled... and the worst is that I think they might make this announcement soon! Really hope that they don't though.