Monday, July 29, 2013

Theme Tours, a Theme Park Travel Site That Worth Bookmarking !

Stefan Zwanzger - aka "The Theme Park Guy" - is the web master of the excellent Theme Park Guy website and also of the highly popular ThemeparkX Construction Board which brings you daily construction updates on all the theme parks projects around the world.

But recently Stefan launched a new web site called Theme Tours and i must say that it is not only a brilliant idea but also exactly what we were all missing! Anyone - and i mean anyone - planning to visit this year a theme park in any country should do the jump to Theme Tours instantly, and here is why.

Theme Tours is a web site which is here to help you to save money on your next theme park vacation whatever the theme park will be - Disney or not - and, boy, don't we need to save money when we go to Disney theme parks, right? So, not only Stefan who travelled all around the world share extremely useful tips that even me - who also have travelled around the world - didn't knew but the site also include great price comparison pages which will help you to find theme park tickets and hotels rooms at the best price.

Let's have a closer look to Theme Tours. When you arrive on the front page - picture on top - you can choose between different section and, for instance, if you choose the "tickets" section you arrive on a page where in less than five seconds you'll be able to see all the prices available for all the major theme parks in the world. And you might have some good surprises, just like i did when i typed "Disneyland Paris". With DLP price policy i thought that they were the less expensive, but not! There are websites which sell DLP tickets at a better price!

The Hotels price comparison page is also very well done as it will do the search on all the majors hotels sites, the ones known to have the best room prices. Except that here you do the search on all of them at the same time. And when i see the hotel prices at Disney parks the least we can say is that we really need to find hotels at decent prices. This is the page where you will save a lot of precious dollars...

AND, because more is never  too much, you'll find also on Theme Tours a special page on which Stefan gives you the secret discount codes for major travel sites which will help you to save additional 10 to 20% on the hotels price, and this in addition to the already best prices you'll have find on the price comparison page. And by the way, you can use Theme Tours even if your vacation is not in a theme park, but any other destination in the world.

There is others precious section on Theme Tours, like the Visas page which will help you to know what kind of visa you need depending to which country you're flying. And the informations are based on IATA's Timatic database which is used by nearly every airline in the world for determining passenger travel document requirements.

But i've kept the best for the end, and it's the "Tips" page. A section of the site on which Stefan gives  precious tips to save more money - like "how to always get the lowest price", "how to avoid crowds and queues", "which travel site to book at, and why", "the good, the bad and the ugly airlines",  and also where you will find for $25 the "Travel Savings Secrets Report", which include Stefan's best tips that will help you to save even more money on your next vacation.  Most of the tips were unknown to me - like the one which explain how to get a better plane ticket price on the major airlines companies, depending of the final destination you enter. Or the one telling you the trick to find easily the name of the "secret hotel" - you know these "secret hotels" that you find now on a lot of travel sites which propose you to book a room in a 4 stars hotels for just 20% of the normal price.  The hotel name is hidden and normally you discover it only after you did your booking, but Stefan learn you how to find easily the name of these "secret hotels".

Anyway, Theme Tours is definitely a site to put in your bookmarks, mainly because of its "all in one" concept which for sure will be very helpful for your next vacation. Go ahead, and do the jump right HERE.

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Chris said...

Just went through the site and that was really useful!! Will use the tools on the site for future bookings...