Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Great Hayao Miyazaki Interview

A short post about Hayao Miyazaki - who confirmed last week that he decided to stop animated movies - with this interesting long interview filmed when he came in the U.S to be honored with the Berkeley Japan Prize ( 2009 - 2010 ). The Berkeley Japan Prize is a lifetime achievement award from the Center for Japanese Studiesto an individual who has made significant contributions in furthering the understanding of Japan on the global stage. 

This interview - with plenty of humor from the master - will interest particularly Miyazaki fans. You have to know that Miyazaki don't speak english and there is no subtitles. So, an interpreter translate to Miyazaki the questions of Roland Kelts, then Miyazaki answer in Japanese and his answer is then translate in english by the interpreter, so the whole process depending of the length of Miyazaki answer sometime takes some time, but if you're ready to be patient, this 1H33 min interview is a great one!

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