Wednesday, October 23, 2013

DLP Disney Dreams! Christmas Version Will Debut on November 10 !

A special Christmas version of the acclaimed Disneyland Paris Disney Dreams! show will debut with DLP Christmas season on November 10 and DLP released a promotional video of the new show which will include plenty of new sequences. I did for you some screen captures but watch out as the video includes many spoilers. So, continue the reading of this article at your own risk! As usual i did my best to enhance the screen captures, which for once were not easy to get considering the projection effect.

So, Mickey and Minnie and the magic of winter - picture on top - will appear in the new show called "Disney Dreams fète Noel", as well as characters from 101 Dalmatians...

...or even Chip and Dale.

This new Christmas show will of course include a tribute to Disney's latest animated "Frozen"...

...but also a version of Tchaikovski "Nutcracker suite" played by Toy Story characters, certainly the same sequence which will appear in DCA's World of Color Christmas version.

The castle will also be transformed magically in a giant Christmas tree, thanks to Disney Dreams! projection effects...

...not to forgot Santa Claus himself who will also be part of the show!

This looks good, really. Disney Dreams! was already the best thing that happened recently to Disneyland Paris and this Christmas version of a highly popular show will for sure delight the guests.

O-Kay, and now here is the official video, and i remind you that it's full of spoilers!

One more thing: Disney Parks also announced today that DL and WDW jungle Cruise will become "Jingle Cruise" with a special Christmas treatment! Jump to my D&M Facebook page to learn more, it's right HERE.

And of course you won't find a better Christmas present for a Disney fan that the Disneyland Paris book that you can order and have more infos about on the book website HERE. 

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Pictures and video: copyright Disney

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