Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Don't miss these great articles about DAK's Avatar Land !

Editor's Note: No update today on D&M - hey, you had two yesterday! - but i'll be back tomorrow with a new one. In the meantime don't miss Jim Hill latest article in which Jim is back with plenty of insider infos that for sure will interest you - well, if you want to know why Oriental Land said "no" to cars Land, why it's may be not sure yet that a Speeder Bike ride will be part of Disneyland Star Wars land, why Lord of the Rings won't come to Disney Parks or why the announcement of Avatar Land was done at Japan D23 Expo, and much more. Don't miss Jim article, really, it's right HERE.

And while you're out also don't miss Kevin Yee's today's update on Mice Chat as Kevin unveil some hints hidden inside Avatar Land artwork! Kevin's article is right HERE.

Never two without three as they say, so don't miss too Honor Hunter's update on Blue Sky Disney in which Honor explain you why Avatar land will be when it will open like Cars Land at DCA : the land that everyone will come to see! Honor's article is right HERE.

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