Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Disneyland Paris Halloween Party Report

Thanks to Max Fan, D&M contributor and Dlrp Welcome webmaster here is a pictorial report on the Halloween Party at DLP.  So, DLP had organized a special evening for the Halloween night with multiple shows, and one of them was "Goofy and the mad drummers" near the Castle Festival stage. The word "near" and not "on" is important as Max is still wondering why they didn't put the musicians on the stage where they would have been more visible. for the guests..

The same problem happened in Adventureland where was another show - Captain Hook Pirate Academy...

According to Max the show was located at the worst place, and the show couldn't be seen correctly by any guests over the second row, and the limited angle of views didn't help the other guests to see it well, too. What was indicated on the program didn't help too as guests thought the show will happen on the ship itself when in fact the "stage" was between the pirate ship and the entrance of Adventure Isle caves.

In Frontierland, an Halloween lighting was in place on Big Thunder Mountain with the head of Dr Facilier projected on the top of the mountain as the Carnaval-oween of Dr Facilier show happened aboard the Molly Brown. The show was similar to the 2009 Tiana's showboat jubilee and according to Max was excellent. You can watch the video of it below.

Many guests had of course a Halloween costume but thanks to the Prince Fahd Al Saoud, a big fan of the park, who was there with his family, many rarely seen characters appeared in the park, including Kuzco, Aladdin, Mister Mask, Max, Picsou, Flagada Jones, the Mad Hatter, and more.

In Discoveryland, the special animation "Halloween Disco-Very Dance Party" electrified the guests with lasers, smoke effects, dancers robots, extraterrestrials or humans!

Last but not least the castle had also a special lighting and on the video below you'll be able to see a best-of of what happened during this Halloween party!

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