Sunday, January 26, 2014

How to Get FREE Admission Tickets For Shanghaî Disneyland !

Shanghaî Disneyland is not open yet and won't be before the end of 2015 but, hey, there is already a way to get free tickets when it will be open!

Here is how it works, and why: Shanghaî based China Eastern Airlines signed two days ago an agreement with Disney Destinations to help promote Disney theme parks around the world, especially of course Shanghaî Disney Resort. The "memorandum of understanding", as they call it, include brand promotions, product marketing and promotion of Disney Resorts in the U.S, France, Hong Kong and Shanghaî,

Also, the airline will offer upgraded and tailored services to visitors of the Disney Resorts.
China Eastern Airlines will also launched a Disney section on its website where passengers can check information about Disney resorts around the world and passengers also will be able to book flight tickets and other services for visiting the Disney resorts. In two words, China Eastern Airlines signed a partnership deal with Disney.

Now, and here is the interesting news: China Eastern Airlines will offer free admission tickets to Shanghaî Disneyland to passengers who will travel to Shanghaî on China Eastern Airlines, once the park will be open!

Although you can't get the free tickets right now ( and you wouldn't know what to do with them anyway as the park is not open yet )  the offer sounds great to me as the airline also have very good prices for round trip tickets.

Here are some China Eastern Airlines prices for round trip ( RT ) tickets:

Los Angeles - Shanghaî RT: from $728
Paris - Shanghaî RT: from 609€
London - Shanghaî RT: from 479£
Sydney - Shanghaî RT : from 821 AU$
Singapore - Shanghaî RT: from 442 S$

That sounds really good deals to me, folks, specially considering that Shanghaî is far from America or Europe and you would expect an expensive round trip ticket. To give you an example, 609€ for a Paris - Shanghaî RT is what probably cost now ONE night at the Disneyland Paris hotel - located at the entrance of the park - or two nights at the others DLP hotels around the lake. So, if you can go to Shanghaî to visit a brand new Magic Kingdom AND have free entrance tickets for Shanghaî Disneyland at the same time, that sounds like a pretty good deal, isn't it?

So, see you all in 2015 in Shanghaî and in the meantime make sure to bookmark China Eastern Airlines site HERE.

Update: The special page dedicated to Disney theme parks is now online on China Eastern Airlines website! No mention for now of Shanghai Disneyland which is normal as the park won't open before end 2015 but the link is this ONE so keep this one too in your bookmarks. As i can't read Chinese i can't tell you if they mention SDL or not on the page but if a good soul reading Chinese can tell us it will be appreciated. Below, the screen capture of the page.

Picture: copyright Disney


gigidisney said...

and Mexico City costs as your plane ticket Might I say thanks

Anonymous said...

I would not set foot in that park (or on Chinese soil in general) even if they *paid* me for it. The Nazis had great offers for the 1936 Olympics as well...

Anonymous said...

Great post!

I want to know how to get tickets for opening day.

Anonymous said...

Bring your oxygen mask.

I heard that sunsets with smog as thick as mucous make for great photos!

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Yes, it is an excellent deal; thanks for the tip Alain!