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Disney Characters Re-imagined as College students

I have something cool for you for this week-end as here is a fun set of artwork created by Deviant Art artist Hyung86 who re-imagined classic Disney characters... as college students! Also include below the notes of the artist for each Disney character. I think he did a fantastic job and i even think that he's so talented that he should work at Disney Animation Studios! Enjoy the artwork!

I started with Peter Pan ( picture above ) because he represents the youth looking so funny and friendly with tinkerbell in his Converse. Wendy is studying Literature and Languages because she loves English literature. Her favorite writers are James Matthew Barrie, Lewis Carroll and Charles Dickens. She would love writing children's books in a few years.
She loves adventure films (with pirates and Indians) and she's desperately in love with Johnny Depp (yoohoo...yoohoo...)

It's clear that little Tinkerbell had to be in the Adam team as Cheerleader. She is fun, cheerful, dreamy and usually a little bit hyperactive XD
She is secretly in love with Peter Pan so she's always argue with all the girls who are near him, after all the fairies are so small that they can't fit two feelings at once.

Aurora is a design student who loves fashion and sleep.
One of her best friends is Charlotte La Bouff and she usually try all Aurora's costumes.
When she was young her family forced her dress like a smart and sweet princess but actually, she prefer something more urban and sassy. Say goodbye to pink and blue. 

Philip is the boyfriend of Aurora, he is studying Political Science as his father some years ago. He aslo practice fencing and loves Tv series and adventure video games. His favorites are The Legend of Zelda and Skyrim (Fus Ro Dah Maleficent!).

The shy new girl in the school. Ariel is in the swimming club of the University waiting for her "surfer" Eric.

I'll always see Eric like a trendy surfer with his surfboard and his tattoos XD

Ursula is the teacher of the university choir. When she was young she failed in show business and that why she hates all young promises of the choir. (She want to steal everybody's voice) Sadistic, power-hungry, manipulative and ambitious, Ursula only thinks of herself.

Roger and Anita are a perfect couple. They are Music teachers.
Roger is a famous composer and musician. Funny, sarcastic and a little crazy. He has composed tunes for famous advertisements like Kanine Krunchies.
Anita is Roger's assistant. She studied Management and Finance in this University. They love dogs (obviously).

Hercules and Beast will be the Quaterbacks of this university. They are cool, strong and a little bit arrogant.

Megara is the Cheerleader of "heroes" and the girlfriend of Hercules. She is quite serious and sarcastic. She love the gospel and Greek mythology and she's studying anthropology.

I always see Alice like a freaky bohemian girl who's every hour in is inner-wonderland.

Our freaky/Nerd/lovely Belle!

China's heroine now as a modern city girl. She is part of the dance team of the university, loves Jay Chou and Wang Lee Hom

Li Shang is a second year student. He loves martial arts. Capoeira, Judo, Taekwondo, Kung Fu ... he wants to look like one of his idols, Bruce Lee.
He usually helps Mulan with her dance practice.

SnowWhite is a simple girl who loves to sing. It is part of the choir with Aurora and after her lessons, she use her free time to learn more of computer. Obviously she loves Mac XD. The weekends usually helps Kenai and Pocahontas to take care of the Animal Welfare Association in the campus.

Beast is the quarterback of the football team of school. He´s egocentric, cocky and rude but thanks to a girl is changing all that (XD) You do not know who is this girl (Adam give to her his team jacket...)

Arthur is a member of the fencing team despite being thin and wimpy. Phoebus is one of his best friends and from who has learned most of his moves. He is loyal to his friends and he's always willing to learn new things being her favorite class History, (with Professor Merlin)

Cinderella wants to study botany and she joined the gardening club at the university. She's a very good student and always seems to arrive before 12 to her room. Her stepsisters wanted to go to a public university but Cinderella proved to be much smarter than they thought ... Is it because she have a fairy godmother?

Shanti is a polite, quiet, sweet and beautiful young girl who's studying tropical fauna and environment. She has some fear of the forests surrounding the university that why she always goes Mowgli. Hates snakes and love bollywoods movies!

Esmeralda has been dancing since she was little. She loves ballet and exotic dances. She love mixing dance styles and for this, usually train with Aladdin (B-Boy) (sound familiar? Ballerina+b-boy ... Step Up

Today's the turn of Tarzan, the City Skater.

Jane. Student of zoology and expert on primates. She loves drawing, walk in the woods and jumping vines (Just kidding XD).She is one of the best students in her class. She has changed her elegant and classic style for something more casual matching with her ​​boyfriend.

Pocahontas is an environmentalist who cares for all the animals in the shelter near the university with his friend Kenai. Aurora made a keychain with the shape of raccoon tail to hang on her bag.

John and Kocoum, Kocoum and John, both are in love with the same woman and play in different team (Kocoum plays with BEASTS and Smith with HEROES)
Serious, strict, stoic, but kind with all his friends, Kocoum is studying physical education and sport pedagogy. He loves go for coffee with friends and spend the evening talking. He shares his love for nature world with Pocahontas.
John Smith studies Naval architecture. He is on the swim and football team with Eric and Adam. He loves nature world but prefer stay in city buildings. 

Aladdin practiced dance with Esmeralda in the college gym. He has been part of a group of breakdancing and loves dance battles. He also practice parkour and his favorite video game is "The Prince of Persia" (obviously, right? XD).

Jasmine is Aladdin's girlfriend. She loves to dance and practice with Mulan new steps every weekend. She is studying political, social and human sciences despite she hates the teacher of this subject ... Yafar! She loves cats (big and small) and would like to travel around the world (something like visit... "A whole new world")

Rapunzel loves everything. She is studying design and fashion and she is on several university clubs. Sewing, drawing, sculpture, crafts ... she also practice martial arts and archery with Shang and Merida. She can do it all!
Rapunzel is curious, funny and sometimes too vibrant (and bipolar)

Tiana was born in New Orleans and she started working very young to pay her university.
She is on the Faculty of Culinary Arts and she would love to have her own restaurant. She's always experimenting in the kitchen and writes everything in her notebook of recipes. (kermit's notebook). She love to hear Soul and Jazz and likes retro clothes (She really love the look of Janelle Monae!)

Fun-loving, lazy, dashing and arrogant Naveen hates the rules. Allthough his parents forced him to study Political Science he prefers to use his time to music.
He enjoys all genres of music and loves learning to play different instruments. 
He meets Tiana while playing in a pub. Naveen asked Tiana for a kiss and she slapped him (She prefers green frogs XD). Naveen has friends... on the other side (Anastacia, Cale, Tulio & Miguel...)

Merida is studying Anglo-Saxon history.  She loves Celtic music and her favorites artists are Enya and Loreena McKennitt (also a fan of Russian Red!)  She is part of the archery club. Her best friends are Kenai and Robin (she feels something ...)

Elsa and Anna were close during their childhood but after some little problems (eternal winter, boyfriends...etc) now their relationship is stronger than ever.
The two sisters are one of the most popular girls in the University. Elsa has left her past behind and finally she's studying what she want, Architecture. Elegant, powerful, reserved and very protective with her sister.
She has started dating a guy a little bit ... cold... his last name is Frost!
Anna, unlike Elsa, is fearless, playful and optimistic. She is always looking for new adventures with her boyfriend, Kristoff. She has a obsession with romance and this has brought her many troubles, usually acts before she speaks, and can be rather impulsive.
She want to be Preschool Teacher.

Kristoff is friendly, nice, funny and a little shy. He loves winter sports and practices snowboarding and ice hockey. He adore the animals, especially reindeers, and likes to go with his girlfriend Anna to visit Pocahontas and Kenai in the shelter near the university
He is studying Meteorology in University. 
Loves the films of the 80s, his favorite movie is LEGEND

Discover more Disney characters artwork by Hyung86 on Deviant Art ! 

All artwork: copyright Deviant Art artist Hyung86

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