Monday, March 31, 2014

Rare Color Pictures of Walt Disney at Disneyland

I thought it would be a great way to start the week with this series of rare color pictures of Walt Disney at Disneyland, so let's go back in time with Walt!

On the first picture below Walt is driving a Disneyland railroad locomotive arriving - or departing? - at Main Street Station!

On the next pic below Walt is aboard a vintage Main Street fire dept vehicle.

Nothing is better than to relax after a long day and on the picture below Walt and family are obviously relaxing in the private apartment that was built for Walt over Disneyland fire dept!

Walt and Lilian on a great picture that seems to me was shot in front of the Plaza Gardens restaurant...

Walt with his grand son in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle...

...and  sharing a drink with him later the same day.

How great it surely was to be a kid in those years and to walk though Fantasyland chatting with Walt!

Walt on Tom sawyer Island with "Tom Sawyer", probably when TSI was introduced at Disneyland.

On the next pictures you'll see Walt with audio-animatronics animals of the Jungle Cruise!

Pictures: copyright Disney, Getty Images


Xavier said...

Always nice to see. But the first 2 pictures really looks like they're B&W pictures colored...

Alain Littaye said...

They look, but they're not, it was the colors of the 1950's color films.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Very nice pictures; thanks Alain!

Walt in Disneyland are always my favorites Disney related pictures!

Anonymous said...

The beautiful photo of Walt and Lillian was actually taken at their home:

If you check the picture of the first installment of the Stroy of Walt Disney in Saturday Evening Post, you'll see a family shot done at the same session.

(I unfortunately can't post a link!)