Friday, March 28, 2014

Saving Mr Banks Blu-Ray Now Released and Include Great Special Features !

Saving Mr Banks is now released in Blu-Ray and Dvd which is a great news, and there is even better as the edition includes great special features, including a documentary called “The Walt Disney Studios: From Poppins to the Present,” taking a look "at how Walt Disney and his team always looked forward to the next challenge, whether it was a new film or park attraction!" disney released a video showing an excerpt of it and i couldn't resisted to take some screen shots of rare shots of Walt as you will see below.

You can order the Blu-Ray of Saving Mr Banks on Amazon, and if you can do it through the Disney and more Amazon store HERE.

And now here are the screen shots, most of them showing Walt at different eras in the studios or on movie sets. The people on the first picture below are not easy to identify. except for Walt and Ward Kimball who is sitting next to Walt.  The seated man in the foreground on the left side with the clipboard might be Robert Benchley, but that's a guess.  

Another picture of Walt from the same sequence.

The next picture was shot later. It shows from left to right Milt Kahl, Marc Davis, Frank Thomas, Walt, and Wilfred Jackson and they're all watching Ollie Johnston draw. 

A great shot of Walt inside a studio during the shooting of a movie or a TV show.

I did a "sequence shot" with three screen captures from the sequence with Walt and little kids when they start to run... Just like for the others shots, click to see it in big size!

Another picture of Walt at the entrance of a studio.

Last but not least, Walt moving on a studio set with two little girls with him.">
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Pictures and video: copyright Disney

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Anonymous said...

The UK DVD has a trailer for "Sleeping Beauty" which does NOT feature the original voices!! The trailer is followed by one for "Maleficient". I'm sure the only reason a SB trailer is included is so people realise what "Maleficient" is about