Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spain Port Aventura to Open a €100M Ferrari Theme Park in 2016

Port Aventura announced they will open in 2016 a €100 million Ferrari theme park, close to the existing Port Aventura park. And it will include too a new premium hotel with 250 rooms! Below, high-res concept-arts and the full press release. This should be a great addition to the already excellent Port Aventura!

PortAventura Entertainment S.A.U. (“PortAventura”) has reached a licensing agreement with Ferrari S.p.A. (“Ferrari”) to establish “Ferrari Land”, a new theme park dedicated to the global brand of Ferrari within the PortAventura destination resort near Barcelona, Spain.
The new branded site (expected to open during 2016) will be the sole Ferrari theme park in Europe and will envisage a total investment of more than €100 million.

Ferrari Land will be built on a total surface area of 75,000 square meters and benefit from several rides (including the highest and fastest vertical accelerator in Europe)...

... a new premium hotel with 250 rooms and 5 star service, restaurants, shops and large simulation areas for car racing.

This new partnership with Ferrari, the world's most powerful brand for the second consecutive year (according to the annual Global 500 report, February 2014), and PortAventura (Europe’s second largest destination resort and the largest in the Mediterranean) will allow the resort to further improve its position as a leading European destination resort. At present, PortAventura receives nearly 4 million visits annually, of which nearly 50% are from outside Spain.

Andrea Perrone, Managing Director of Ferrari Brand, the subsidiary responsible for managing all activities regarding the use of the Ferrari brand said “After the successful experience of the Abu Dhabi Ferrari World we have received numerous requests to launch new Ferrari theme parks. After a thorough selection process, we have selected Investindustrial’s solid project backed by skilled and experienced people and the opportunity to bring the Ferrari allure in Spain where there are a lot of supporters and fans including a lot of tourists attracted also by the PortAventura destination resort. “Ferrari Land” will further strengthen the Ferrari brand in the region. “Ferrari Land” will appeal to entire families as well as Formula One supporters. We will continue to further look at the launch of additional Ferrari theme parks outside of Europe with no rush, while continuing to maximise the value of our prestigious brand without diluting it.”

Sergio Feder, PortAventura Executive Chairman: “Since entry we implemented a long term plan supported by well-known international brands to increase visitors to approximately 5 million yearly and to transform PortAventura into the best destination resort in Europe. Ferrari is an obvious choice not only for the values the brand represents, but also for their experience in the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi theme park. For us, it is also an honour to collaborate with such a worldwide recognized brand”.

Pictures: copyright Port Aventura - Ferrari


mr.Lime said...

So basically they're gonna build a copy of the famous Kingda Ka, which will celebrate its 10th (!!) anniversary next year in Six Flags New Jersey, and paint it in red. I can't help being very disappointed by the lack of originality in what could have been a great expansion for Port Aventura.

Sean Fernandez said...

I'm confused by this. Is it a theme park separate from Port Aventura or is it a "land" inside Port Aventura. If it's a separate park it's very disappointing compared to Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi. It looks like it's got 2 rides which is fine for a park area inside a bigger park, but if it's on it's own, it's extremely sad.

Alain Littaye said...

I think it's on its own, separate from the Port Aventura theme park, but they might add other rides in the future...