Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Port Aventura " Angkor, Adventure in the Lost Kingdom " Now Open !

Although you still have to wait a few months before Disneyland Paris WDS Ratatouille ride will open , Spain Port Aventura already opened its new attraction: Angkor, Adventure in the Lost Kingdom and i have videos for you of the full ride as well as opening celebrations.

Although the Angkor decor looks good to me i have to say that i'm a bit disappointed by the theming. The big mistake for me is the lack of vegetation theming. And it's strange that they did this mistake because they have the room to add exotic vegetation, even if it would have been simply bamboos and it was not that difficult or expensive to do. Instead we have a slow interactive raft ride which is as far as the Jungle Cruise as it can be and much more a "splash battle" between riders and guests outside.

Located in the "Asia" part of Port Aventura i don't like also the fact that it's so close to the roller coasters that the feeling to be immersed in a  far away world is impossible, so there is a real problem of visual intrusion, here. But young guests, teens, and anyone who like to get wet will have fun with this ride who should be popular with Port Aventura guests. Below,  the videos and let me know what you think in the comments!

A short video of the ride filmed probably ( because of the water splash ) with a Go Pro camera.

A longer video showing the making-of, the opening celebration and on-ride video with famous VIPs.

Some official artwork and making-of pictures. As you can see from the videos the ride don't really have the kind of Jungle Cruise lush vegetation that you can see on the renderings below!

Pictures: copyright Port Aventura


Marco Antonio Garcia said...

I agree with you Alain about the lack of vegetation and about the visual intrusion from the roller coasters.

I also think that the interactivity is lame (I couldn't see a lot happening when the people hit the targets)

Nevertheless it looks like a fun ride and a good one for Port Venture and for the budget, of course, it's not a ride with the same quality as a WDI or Universal ride, but for the money they dpent and for the park that it's in, it's not bad.

Anyway I think that Disney doesn't have anything to worry about, the competition in Europe is still far behind...

Jaber Alsabah said...

That is one boring ride!

Allie said...

wow, super boring ride. What happened between the concept and reality ? As the concept art looks amazing and is a fun ride. the stone decor is fine but it really needs that lush vegetation like in the concept. The way it looks now is cheap, not like a great park it wants to be.

Kim N said...

This looks almost identical to the Quest for Chi ride at LEGOLAND Florida. Same boats and lack of sets. It was still kinda fun though.

Matthieu J. said...

En voyant la video, j'ai trouvé ca ennuyeux ! Et il n'y a pas pas de musique, rien... Ca manque cruellement d'ambiance... Si Port Aventura pensait concurrencer Ratatouille, ils ont mal calculé leur coup !