Thursday, July 31, 2014

First Pictures of Universal Studios Beijing Land - Opening Scheduled for 2018

Shanghaî Disneyland will open end 2015 and they shouldn't have any major competitor in China before 2018, when Universal Studios Beijing will open. It's been a long time since we heard about Universal coming to China main land but this time it seems that this is it, and Stefan Zwanzger, The Theme Park Guy is back with pictures of the location where the park will be built, near Beijing. Considering there is hundred of kilometers between Beijing and Shanghaî the opening of Universal Studios Beijing shouldn't hurt too much SDL although it probably will have an impact on people from Beijing coming to SDL.

On the top you have a picture of the land for the future Universal Studios Beijing and the picture below, according to Stefan show the ground being prepared for future works.

Unfortunately, as it is often the case some villages had to be destroyed without mercy and villagers will have to move to another place. Please note that no official announcement has been down yet either from Universal of the Chinese. And now, jump to The Theme Park Guy to see more pictures HERE.

Pictures: copyright The Theme Park Guy

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Anonymous said...

As it was for shanghai disneyland, the "relocation" of entire towns and communities is just unspeakable. The way the poor and low income families are treated in china should give all of us in the west discomfort. Those poor children who are now homeless will never EVER have the chance to visit one of the luxury theme parks their homes were destroyed for......