Monday, July 28, 2014

Haunted Mansion 45th Anniversary Collectible Items !

You've seen last Saturday some of the HaUnted Mansion 45th Anniversary items that will be available soon at DL and WDW but there is more to come, and these are the "collectible" items, original or limited edition pieces of art, sculptures, figurines and more that will materialize Aug. 16 at Disneyana on Main Street, U.S.A. at Disneyland.

Let's start by the sculptures and figurines that will be available with these of Haunted Mansion Busts set and Caretake ( $95 each ).

Also available soon the Hitchhiking Ghosts with Gargoyles and the Organ Player with Organ ( $85 each ).

Some framed stained-glass items will also be released like these with Mrs Leota or the Duelists.

There'll be also this great Madame Leota wooden sign.

Let's have a look now at the artworks from different artists, which for the most - and including teh one at teh top of this article - will be on sale in Deluxe prints at $39.95.

And for those of you who love Mickey and the gang these two next ones will also be available in deluxe prints at $39.95.

Now, these are only a selection of what will be released, you can see many more collectible items with all the different prices on the Disney parks merchandise special page HERE. I also remind you that if you can't come to Disneyland most of these items should be available through Disneyland mail order service.

Pictures: copyright Disney

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Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Nice items!

It's an interesting and original idea to draw captain Nemo's ghost playing the HM organ, especially because they used the original 20,000 leagues movie organ in the Disneyland attraction.