Thursday, July 10, 2014

Important Note About the Ad-Malware Problem That Some of You Experienced on D&M

Update about Disney and more Ad-Malware problem that some of you experienced and others not ( see previous post below to know what's happening if you've not read it yet ). According to Orlando Park News, another site who had the same problem it was the Site Meter widget which seems to have been the "door" through which the malware entered. Orlando Park News removed the widget and said that everything was fine now. So, i removed too the Site Meter Widget of Disney and more and i would like those of you who left a comment yesterday - telling they did have the malware problem - to tell me if it's still going on or if the Ad-malware problem has now ended. Thanks by advance for your cooperation!

1 comment:

Bearride - Raymond said...

I had experienced it a few times. doesn't seem to be happening now.