Friday, July 11, 2014

Kennedy Space Center Space Shuttle Atlantis Wins American Alliance of Museums Top Design Award

The Space Shuttle Atlantis at the Kennedy Space Center was awarded this year's top Muse Award in the multimedia installations category by the American Alliance of Museums.  The award recognizes outstanding achievements in gallery, library, archive and museum media that enhances guest experiences and engages audiences".

Recently-opened at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, Space Shuttle Atlantis tells the epic 30-year story of the Space Shuttle Program and stars Atlantis, one of only three remaining space-flown orbiters, and the last to fly in space. The attraction brings guests within inches of the historic spacecraft and takes them on a journey to space and back again via emotionally engaging, immersive experiences. The attraction features more than 60 exhibits that provide a wide diversity of interactives, state-of-the-art media components, and rich storytelling to engage visitors in NASA’s incredible science and history. Among these are the Hubble Space Telescope Theater, International Space Station Gallery, the On Orbit gallery, and many others..

The exhibit include a pre-pre show and a pre-show before guests enter the huge room where they come face to face with Atlantis and i've found videos for you which will show you the whole experience! The first one include the two pre-shows, if you want to jump to the last one before discovering Atlantis, jump in the video to 10.00 min.

This other video is shorter and doesn't really include the pre-shows but it shows you more of the different experiences.

Pictures: copyright Kennedy Space Center

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