Friday, July 25, 2014

Marvel's Ant-Man Production Will Start This August !

I've always loved movies where a man - or woman - are miniaturized, starting by the famous 1950's Incredible Shrinking Man - adapted from a Richard Matheson novel - to the 1960's Fantastic Voyage and Honey I Schrunk the Kids. So, i'm happy to tell you that it's now a "Go" for Marvel's Ant-Man movie and the production will start in August! They've released the above pre-production concept-art done by Marvel artist Andy Park on which you can see the suit that Paul Rudd will be wearing in Ant-Man.

Michael Douglas will play Doctor Hank Pym, the scientist responsible for making the suit. Rudd plays Scott Lang, who steals the suit to make himself a better thief. Chances are it'll be one of those “thief with a heart of gold” scenarios and that will probably Rudd change his ways and use his new powers for good.

Marvel has a panel in Hall H on Saturday at Comic Con, so we might learn more infos about Ant-Man anytime soon, and the movie will be released in July 2015!

There is also more news about Marvel including Avengers 2 visuals posted today on D&M Facebook page. Also, here are the links to two articles you don't want to miss. One is about a great pictorial report on the new decor of the Club 33, and the other is about an interview of Roger Gould, creative director of Pixar’s Theme Parks Group

What will also interest you is what Gould is saying at the end of the interview when he was asked about upcoming theme parks projects: 

"There’s a lot going on. There’s an entire new resort at Shanghai [Disneyland] going up right now. We have a number of Pixar projects there that haven’t been announced yet so I can’t say more than that but a lot of really exciting things, things that we haven’t done before. We’re just happy audiences around the world fall in love with our characters so we get to keep bringing them to life in the parks."
Picture: copyright Marvel

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Marco Antonio Garcia said...

I'm really looking forward to the Ant Man movie and the new club 33 look really nice!

By the way, in the comics Land steals the Ant Man suit from Pym to save his dying daughter.