Thursday, August 7, 2014

Great Tokyo Disneyland Tilt-Shift Video

Disney Parks is still making tilt-shift videos and they've posted a new one which is great. But this time they've fly to the other side of Pacific Ocean and this new tilt-shift video shows Tokyo Disneyland like you've never seen it before.

By the way, when you'll enjoyed the video, try to have a look too at how clean the park looks like. Look at the grounds, they look like "opening day". Maintenance at TDL is the best of all Disney theme parks!

Picture and video: copyright Disney


Carl said...

Yes maintenance at TDL is the best, but give credit to Japanese culture as well. The guests over there behave differently and they certainly aren't litterbugs. You see the same spotlessness all over Japan.

Alain Littaye said...

Absolutely, it's all about Japanese culture and their way of thinking. That's what makes the difference.

Anonymous said...

We are going there next month. Cant wait!!!!!