Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Disneyland Paris Update : All About DLP Halloween Season With Pictures and Videos !

We're back today at Disneyland Paris, for the promised pictorial report on the Halloween celebration which started a few days ago, with great pics and videos thanks to Max Fan, D&M contributor and DLPWelcome webmaster. Dozens of pictures for you today as well as video thanks to which you'll see everything just like if you were there, so let's start now. But before if you were on another planet the last three days and wonder what happened this monday jump to my two previous articles HERE and HERE which will tell you everything about what's happening and the new DLP recapitalization by the WDC. 

Also, i'm please to let you know that the special offer on the DLP book with a possibility to have a signed edition is extended all October, we still have  a few copies in english or french edition, so don't miss the very end of this article to know how to order the book while we have signed copies. 

That say, let's start by the Maleficent Disney Villains Halloween Promenade with a great float and villains characters. This short street animation allows visitors to be welcomed by the Disney villains. And the best way to be greeted is by a float worthy of its name "Dream of Power". His return is very welcome as we missed it! Ursula is moving her head and arms as well as the devil of Night on the Bald Mountain. That said, the visitor's attention remains monopolized by Maleficent in her new outfit! According to Max, this is a very good and short animation for DLP guests and the principle should be extended to all seasons.

Don't miss the video of this Villains Promenade!

In Frontierland, Jack Skellington is back, though it seems to me he is at a different location than last year, less close to Phantom Manor.

This year there if Jack still is in Frontierland all the others villains caan be meet in the Castle courtyard called "The court of Evil"! And yes, Evil welcomes us into its courtyard filled with brambles evoking the dangerous silhouette of a dragon in the mist.

Not too far, young guests can meet Stitch, too.

Fall is not only about Halloween villains but also about harvest, and what better than a cavalcade? This year a new float in the same artistic vein as the previous two was created. And it's no surprise, it fits perfectly in the parade. The choice of characters although confusing at first (Clarabelle, Horace, and the three little pigs) finally works very well with the theme, farm, harvest, Vive la Vie

The new soundtrack announcing the cavalcade before the parade music itself is superb, but Max regrets a brutal transition to the passage of a music to another. We have two videos of it for you, shot from two different locations!

And that's it for today's DLP update! I remind you that the signed edition special offs ris extended all October and those of you who wants to order my Disneyland Paris "From Sketch to Reality" book and would like to have a signed copy dedicated specially for them - or anyone they wish - can now order one. I'll sign personally each copy that will be ordered, whether it will be a french or english edition!

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Pictures: copyright Max Fan , DLPWelcome.


Colin Prijn said...

Looks like Dlrp is getting better and better.

Colin Prijn said...

It's sad to see that only Maleficent talks though and not like some pieces of songs from Ursula and Hades and Scar and so on

Anonymous said...

How do they explain the Evil Queen and the Witch to be appearing at the same time...? It's the same person!

Colin Prijn said...

They aren't appearing at the same time right? I saw the evil queen at the promenade but at the meet and greet we saw the witch

Colin Prijn said...

I think those characters are meeting on different times

Alain Littaye said...

Logically the Evil Queen and the Witch being the same persons they should NOT appear at the same time, so probably one appears during the Halloween cavalcade and the other behind the castle during the Court of Evil event.