Friday, October 10, 2014

Paramount Park UK Project Gets British Government Approval

Not only the £2 billion Paramount Park UK project is not dead but yesterday was announced that it received the government approval! Now, although the theme park plans progress everything is not done yet, but if everything works fine construction should start in 2015 or 2016 and it should open for Easter 2020. They expect 15 Million visitors per year which seems a number a bit too high for me but i suppose it is here mostly for marketing the project... 

I've found for you the high-res file above of the park's model picture, so click on it as there is interesting things to see. I like the idea of what seems to be a wooden roller coaster - on the top right - running all along a big part of the park. Look also for the giant Star Trek Enterprise! Below excerpts from a Khl article:

"Plans for the £2 billion (€2.54 billion) Paramount entertainment resort at Swanscombe, Kent, have taken a step closer after initial government approval has been granted.

Project director Fenlon Dunphy, of London Resort Company Holdings, confirmed a timeline for the major UK scheme - which will create 27,000 jobs and deliver significant infrastructure upgrades during its phased four-year construction.

Developers behind the Disney-style site aim to make it the “best entertainment attraction in Europe” and believe it will deliver a range of economic benefits.

Its facilities will include a centrepiece theme park attraction linked to Paramount and based around some of the movie studio’s biggest blockbuster films.

In addition, there will be a water park, sporting facilities and hotel accommodation for 5,000 visitors.

Above: the land where the park is expected to be built.

Construction tenders for the scheme will be sought from the first quarter of 2015, following initial planning acceptance for the scheme this summer.

Mr Dunphy said, “Paramount resort has been accepted as a nationally important infrastructure project and we are expecting the scheme to gain full planning permission next year.

“This is very much intended as a resort rather than a day-visitor attraction. There will be the theme park, but we will also have a number of entertainment facilities including cinemas, theatre and dining around the site. There will also be a water park and a creative industries hub - which we hope will become a centre of excellence for businesses.”

The director responded to concerns on the need for urgent infrastructure improvements in tandem with the site’s development, highlighting the issue as a core priority for the company.

He confirmed the park would create up to 17,000 on-site jobs, bolstered by 10,000 further roles to be created in the wider economy through supply services.

The resort is expected to generate peak footfall of more than 15 million visitors a year following its planned opening in Easter, 2020.

Picture: copyright London Resort Company Holdings 


Anonymous said...

artwork looks like roller coaster tycoon, not anything professional. Are you sure this wasn't just a fan-boy pulling one over.

Alain Littaye said...

Yes, specially considering that it is not an artwork but a picture of the model.

Alain Littaye said...

Yes, specially considering that it is not an artwork but a picture of the model.

Jane L said...

This is the actual plan laid out by the London Consortium as a rough guide. None of the rides have been rubber stamped yet.

This really will give Disneyland a run for its money and will take the ever dwindling UK client base of Disneyland

With Disneyland year on year withdrawing attractions yet prices are getting so high (it really is cheaper to go to Orlando for 10 days than it is Paris for 4) .... This park will be the final death blow for the 2nd highest visitor groups to paris.

What with the massive bail out that disney has just received I fear its days are numbered

Anonymous said...

The last I heard the park won't charge an entrance fee, guests will pay per ride/attraction. The Blue Water shopping centre close by attracts around 20 million visits per year. I don't think paramount park will struggle to get 15 million visits per year.

Anonymous said...

In response to Jane L - where do you find prices that are cheaper to go to Orlando for 10 days then to go to Paris for 4?

I keep reading such comments but have yet to find any prices even in the region of the cost of a holiday to Disneyland Paris nevermind anything cheaper.

Unless the people who say these things are paying well over the odds for a trip to DLP...