Saturday, October 18, 2014

Rare 1990's Videos of Epcot and Disney MGM Studios

What about jumping back in time to Epcot and Disney MGM Studios as they were in the 1990's? Max, D&M contributor found these two videos filmed at a time beloved attractions such as Horizons, World of Motion, Living Seas, etc... were still existing at Epcot and you'll see scenes of them in the video below.

In the Disney MGM Studios video you'll see the original Tram Tour, now extinct, and which at that time included a Honey i Shrunk the Kids special effect sequence , and you'll see also as a rare Muppets show, all extinct since a long time!

Note that because it was filmed at a time HD cameras didn't exist, the quality is typically 90's VHS but it's still a pleasure to discover the parks as they were 20 years ago!

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