Monday, October 27, 2014

"The Ghost of Walt Disney and me", by Psychic Michael.J Kouri is the Perfect Halloween Gift !

Keith, from the Disney Avenue website wants to share with you his latest episode of the Disney Avenue Podcast - Halloween Edition. In this new podcast Keith interview Michael J. Kouri, a famous psychic medium - and a huge Disneyland fan - who claimed to have interacted with Walt Disney's spirit after Walt passed away...have you ever heard of anything like this?!? No? Me too, so sounds interesting isn't it and I just thought I'd share it with you as it is a perfect post for Halloween!

Michael J. Kouri also has a very intriguing new book about to come out on Halloween day called, The Ghost of Walt Disney and Me, and you can purchase that directly from his website HERE. As for the podcastn jump to Disney Avenue to listen it HERE or on iTunes HERE. To listen the part about Walt Disney, jump directly to 51.40 min.

Picture: copyright Michael J. Kouri


Marco Antonio Garcia said...

The first time I've read this post I thought that it was just a joke and didn't give any importance to it, but after listening to the podcast, I think that it might be very interesting and I'll definitely check it out!

Michael J. Kouri said...

HI Marco, yes, my research, work and book are "VERY" real. You or anyone else can purchase a copy on my website at WWW.ICGHOSTS.COM. I hand sign and number each copy personally. If you'd like me to sign it to you, just tell us that when you email your order to us at

The photo of the book posted here was the working copy, the cover is a bit different from this image.

Michael J. Kouri

Anonymous said...

Hi Alain,

I sure wish we could replace the photo of my book you have on here, with the current cover pic instead.


Michael J. Kouri

Alain Littaye said...

Michael, Please send me the new picture by email at: and i will be pleased to do the change.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Hello Michael, thanks for answering me!

I'll contact you to buy the book; thanks!

Anonymous said...

I love Michael's new book and think it's one of the Best books ever written about the life of Walt Disney. It has incredible historical information, stories from Walt's wife Lillian that have never appeared in anything else I've ever read about Mr. Disney.

The fact that Michael spent over thirty years researching, interviewing and getting to know his interviewees makes this a book no Disney collection should be without.

Art Linear, Disney Historian.

Anonymous said...

Whatta load of BS

Wanda Perkins said...

After hearing Mr.Kouris fascinsting interview with Keith I. Not only bought s copy of the standard book and enjoyed it so much, I then ordered thr larger Limited Edition with color photos, more chapters including personal family interviews not in the smaller book. These books include incredible history shared with this prolific author by numerous Disney legends and stars of Disney films.