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Disneyland Paris Update : Christmas Season Begins at DLP ! Now Edited With HD Videos !

Earlier this week Disneyland Paris did a presentation of the Christmas season which will run from  Nov 9 to Wednesday, January 7, 2015. It took place at noon at the Team Disney Building Val d'Europe, the former building of The Walt Disney Company France and the presentation was in the projection room "Steamboat Willie". Our host was Regis Alart, former Ambassador of Disneyland Paris, now in charge of the communication for the Entertainment Department and Max Fan, D&M contributor and DLPWelcome webmaster was there to attend the presentation.

DLP Christmas season begins today Sunday, November 9 and will end Wednesday, January 7, 2015. However exceptions are noted, and Christmas decorations as well as the Disney Dreams of Christmas show will be played until Sunday, January 11, 2015 for tourists coming from others European countries, because of the vacation dates.

Note: If you read this article on Sunday Nov 9 don't miss the LIVE Blog organized by ED92 from the park this Sunday at 5pm for the launch of the Christmas season!

Let's start about Christmas decorations in the park: Main Street Station is unchanged, as well as the Christmas tree always 24 meters high, with its 24 tons and 850 accessories on Town Square.

The Magical Christmas Greeting is different from last year as Kathy Harris (KH) and Vasile Şirli (VS) have explained to us in a video.

KH: For "Magical Christmas Wishes" the choice is to don't have Mickey and Minnie as the Christmas Tree is the star. Thus we can see its illumination  at 360 ° on Town Square.
VS: It is the best way to make Christmas accessible to all, because we all have our own vision of Christmas from our own history. This illumination allows you to stay in the traditional, where everyone meet.
The phase of harmonization raises many options and challenges. We must define first the time of the event not to be neither too short nor too long, then you have to have a guideline, otherwise the ceremony created will be found to be a mixture of nameless genres and consistency.

The Christmas Tree Lighting will take place this year without Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket, and there should not be any voice from another character. New this year, the snow will be present also on Town Square in addition to Main Street. Nearly 8200 liters of soap will be used for the snow.
Not surprisingly, the Christmas garlands on Main Street are back as well as garlands on vehicles.

D&M has the video for you of this year Christmas Tree Celebration filmed yesterday Saturday evening by Max!

On Central Plaza snow statues of Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald will be added to the already present snowmen of other years.

Meet and greet:

Minnie and friends will be present at the entrance of Liberty Arcade. And new for this year, Merida will meet her fans near Casey's Corner.

At the Castle the "Disney Princesses Promenade" will take place every morning during fifteen minutes. From the front door of the Castle, Aurora, Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, Tiana, Rapunzel, Merida and 6 and 6 Ladys and Lords will go to the castle theater after a quick pass on Central Plaza. After a short dance will sound the trumpets of the Royal Kingdom of Arendelle and Anna and Elsa will arrive to greet the visitors. (note that Anna and Elsa, are not yet officially considered Disney princesses, so they are not included in the dancing princesses).

The single daily performance remains to be confirmed according to the opening hours of the park, but the premiere will be on November 14 ( in soft opening Nov. 13)

At the Princesses Pavilion, visitors will have the opportunity to meet only Anna and Elsa, the two sisters will be throughout the winter season the masters of the pavilion. No new special theming for the interior decoration.

To compensate for the loss of princesses, guests will find - during the afternoon only - Rapunzel beside the Enchanted Tree, Cinderella at the inn (just like the rest of the year), Snow White at the enchanted well (between the castle theater and the castle itself) and also Aurora near Excalibur.
Minnie will be in free Set (surprise meeting) at Cottonwood Creek Ranch where Santa Claus will be, too. And of course, Jack Skellington in christmas costume will also be in Frontierland.

Disney's Christmas Parade

It is with joy that DLP guests will find this year a Christmas parade which will play three times a day and replace the Disney Magic on Parade.
It's a cavalcade becoming parade for several reasons. First, it is enriched with a new float "Sugar and Spice" (Sugar and Spice) with Clarisse and Daisy on the float and Chip and Dale walking nearby. In addition, there will be new costumes with red and white and green colors, coordinated with the Christmas products on sale in the park.

New costumes also in other units, either in the form of toy trains and boats for theToy Story unit. New accessories too for Winnie and Tigger with a fully Christmas-ized float!

That said, this year, characters still have no voice on the parade floats (fingers crossed for 2015), and no presence of the Indestructibles.

There is nearly 90 performers who  parade 3 times per day. It is therefore a better product which brings the usual cavalcade up to the next step by becoming a Parade.

D&M has the video of this new Christmas parade for you, thanks to Max who filmed it yesterday Nov 8 at the opening of the season, and it looks great to me!

"Christmas Moments" is happening in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle, and it's a short fountain show with Christmas songs. Max is back with the video too filmed last night!

Disney Dreams! of Christmas

Kathy Harris, Vasile Şirli and Steve Davison explain that this year we will be entitled to see even more  frozen "Snow Queen". Of course Olaf and Anna who will always be our guides for this adventure. Kathy also told us that his favorite part is "Silent Night" because it is a time of peace, silence and warmth.

The Disney Dreams! of Christmas opening scene will be updated and next will be the scene on ice, not Frozen like last year, but Toy Story. This scene will be short. Result, after an opening with all the toys we will have a rebuilt and shortened version of Woody and Jessie and the last part kept fully with Buzz Lightyear and Jessie. These parts were selected because of the presence of the majority of the characters. After the Toy Story sequence, we will find the transition to "it's a small world", followed by a new version of the Frozen sequence, "Frozen Celebration! ".

This part is the true backbone of the program this year. So you will have in order, Olaf singing "In Summer", Anna and Hans for "Love is an open door" and at the very end, Elsa singing "Let it go".

During "Frozen celebration" it is not impossible that the ice castle of the Snow Queen will be part of the projections (to be confirmed).

A surprise sequence will come next with many new characters  (Worlds of Ralph, Big Hero 6 ... etc).
And finally, the final will be even more dynamic with in particularly the toy soldiers that can be seen in World of Color.

Editing: That's it, Disney Dreams of Christmas! had its premiere at Disneyland Paris and D&M, thanks to Max from DLPWelcome and D&M contributor has a fantastic HD video of this full new projection show on Sleeping Beauty castle.

Wow, wow, wow, what a great show! I consider it extremely good, and of course perfectly designed by Steve Davison and his team. Of course Frozen has the more sequences but there is a nice Toy Story sequence too, as well - very good idea - as a "It's a Small World" sequence. Fireworks and fountains are great too, and the whole thing is definitely a not-to-be-missed show if you visit DLP during this Christmas season!

Enjoy the show and watch it in 1080p definition, and full screen!

One more thing : at the The Walt Disney Studios, Mickey and Minnie will be on Front Lot and will have new costumes. And from 9 November to January 7, the Christmas village is back at Disney Village. Note that it will not be possible to meet Santa Claus in the Christmas village.

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