Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tony Baxter Destination D Presentation of the Discovery Bay Project

Legendary Imagineer Tony Baxter did during Destination D a presentation of his famous Discovery Bay project - envisioned for Disneyland. As we know this Discovery Bay land was never built but plenty of its concepts have materialized in others parks whether it is at DLP Discoveryland, Epcot, Tokyo Disney Sea, WDW Pleasure Island, etc...

Among the rides that finally never materialized anywhere is Spark Gap, a coaster featuring a vertical ascent into a loop drop on a mag-lev track, which was a long time ago envisioned for DLP Discoveryland - as you can see on the renderings above and below that i've found back in my archives - before being cancelled. Interesting fact: this Spark Gap coaster was envisioned to be placed at DLP in the location on the back path between Discoveryland and Fantasyland, near where the queue for Star Tours is located. Imagineer and DLP Discoveryland show-producer Tim Delaney didn't do the above attraction poster concept but he's the one who did the sketch below.

Inside the Magic posted a great article about Tony's presentation that you can read HERE!

Artwork : copyright Disney Enterprises

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MintCrocodile said...

Since the Spark Gap wasn't built, it seems like they used that inspiration for the "Indiana Jones et le Temple du Péril" attraction