Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Disneyland Star Wars Land : Is There Really No Other Space Available to Build It ?

Frankly, there's something that i don't get. In his yesterday's update that you can read HERE Mice Age is saying ( again ) that Disney envision to build Disneyland Star Wars land where DL Toon Town currently is as well as on a big part of the Festival Arena area. Toon Town will be removed as well as probably the Festival Arena which will be less a pity than Toon Town. 

Editing: Please note that it seems that i did a mistake on the picture, indicating the Fantasyland stage as the Festival Arena when in fact this one is more on the left in Frontierland hoods. That will probably make a bit more space on the left for the Star Wars Land but not that much.

Anyway... if you look at this Google Maps screen capture above you'll see not only where is what but also the total area where Disney envision to build DL Star Wars Land. Which is not particularly big as you can see. I understand that they don't have much room at Disneyland but what i don't get is this: we're talking here about a new land based on one of the most successful movie license in all movie history which potentially could give birth to dozens of rides, etc.. I mean, if one wanted to build a whole theme park on Star Wars they could do it because there is so many universes and characters in Star Wars that the material to create rides out of it is practically endless. 

So, why do they insist to build a Star Wars land inside Disneyland and in that space and don't create a brand new third gate on the land they have opposite Harbor Blvd, in which they would eventually put a Marvel land if they wish? I know, they're supposed to need that land for DL employees car park, etc... Still, even if they remove some of the backstage buildings that you can see behind Toon Town, DL Star Wars land won't be that big. Someone clearly have a vision a bit too narrow on this project, don't you think?

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Anonymous said...

A thought maybe that the removal of the backstage area would make operating parades and distribution next to impossible.

Anaheim is so congested and the third gate space is needed for parking. I know that it takes a long time to walk the 3 or 4 blocks from the toon town area down harbor blvd to the far end .

Also the service access is limited on the Harbor side. The truth told, Star Wars land is a gamble. I like it but grew up with it as many have. Today, maybe the youth will not be as taken with it.

Perhaps this small space will provide enough of a taste to see if a bigger area in the other parks will be justified.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say this - it time for Disneyland to start looking for a bigger piece of property in California - and move the entire park?

K. Martinez said...

For the US parks, I think Star Wars Land should be exclusive to Walt Disney World and a Marvel Land exclusive to the Disneyland Resort. That way things would be unique.

Mark Hickson said...

I just love all the pretend Imagineers at Mice Age!

"Star Wars Land" will be at California Adventure, not Toon Town. The simulators in Tomorrowland will be moved.

I see Toon Town will become part of a new Fantasyland expansion.

Boba Mouse said...

The Toon Town thing would make sense if they were also planning on combining it with the plot of land originally going to be used for Discovery Bay where Big Thunder Ranch and all that stuff currently sits. I think combined that would give them enough space to do something pretty substantial.

Mark, you obviously have better insight than most given your past experience... If they went the DCA route, where do you think they'd stick this thing? Would they build over Hollywood area or is there potential for acquiring the land where Candy Cane Inn and Desert Palms resides? Just curoius...

To me, Disneyland seems like it surprisingly is the park with more room to play with as I can't see anyone really missing the Fantasyland theater and Big Thunder Ranch. Tear down that whole area and throw in Toon Town, and you've got a pretty sizable chunk of the park to go crazy with, no?

Anonymous said...

I think that they should build Star Wars at DCA and move Star Tours over there with it. In Disneyland, they could redo tomorrowland, and in the place of Star tours add a new attraction.

jon81uk said...

Mark, rumours are that Marvel will go in an expansion of DCA and Star Wars in DL.

Daniel Smith said...

I can't actually see them putting a Star Wars area where Toon Town currently is. I think that's another rumor that's false and just further discredits Mice Age.

Did everyone forget that ToonTown routinely closes at around 8 PM every night due to safety concerns with the fireworks? I can't imagine that Disneyland would change this policy, and I cant imagine them not doing fireworks anymore.

It just seems highly unlikely that it will go here. Even if only part of the Star Wars area closed, that's still a bit crazy. Why would they close what will undoubtedly be their most popular area for 4+ hours every night on weekends?

James said...

I just wanted to let you know that in the image you provided you labeled the white tent as being the Festival Arena, when it is actually the Fantasyland Theater.

The Festival Arena, is further to the left, in Frontierland.

"IF" Star Wars land is coming to Disneyland in this northern section of the park, it will extend all the way from "it's a small world" all the way over to the Rivers of America.
Nothing has been said if the Big Thunder Ranch area will be apart of this transformation or not.

Philip said...

I'm with Daniel Smith. Toontown is safe and is not going to be replaced. End of story.

Anonymous said...

That backstage building wouldnt be removed because thats disney's recording studio in the picture and that is where all the locker rooms are and behind that building is where maintenance for ride vehicles like bobsleds and pirate boats is located