Friday, May 22, 2015

Disneyland at Opening Day LIFE Magazine Pictures

I have something great for you to celebrate Disneyland 60th Anniversary celebration. Those of you who are longtime readers of Disney and more may remember when i've found - and posted on D&M - these unbelievable treasure of 102 never-seen-before LIFE Magazine pictures shot at Disneyland by famous LIFE photographers on opening DAY in 1955!!!  LIFE released these old pictures without doing any retouch in the colors and all of them had too much magenta color.

When i've posted them on Disney and more in 2013 i didn't changed anything in the colors. As obviously Disneyland colors on opening day didn't had this excess of magenta my natural perfectionist nature pushed me to  spent sometime to bring back each picture in the natural colors. See above the difference before / after. And, to celebrate the start of Disneyland 60th celebration, i'm posting during five days starting this Friday the 102 pictures all again on the D&M Facebook page, land by land, so make sure to jump HERE to don't miss the repost of this treasure, this time with the right and glorious colors of the era!

Pictures: copyright Time - Life


Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Those are great pictures, but apparently the Life photographers had a huge white balance problem.

Thanks Alain for taking your time to retouch all those pictures; I guess that you spent a considerable time to do it.

Alain Littaye said...

Not really, Marco. Photoshop did the most with the auto color or auto contrast functions but even using these it took a few hours due to the number of pictures.