Wednesday, June 17, 2015

All Six Star Wars Movies Simultaneously in One Video Creates an Unbelievable Psychedelic Experience.

Boy, this is pure GENIUS. YouTuber maurcs is a Star Wars fan, and had the idea to put all six films of the Star Wars saga on top of each other — sounds, image, everything!  Chances are that most of you will see the result as an unintelligible, cacophonous mess and i admit there is no way anyone can follow the six stories all together, so don't even try, if you want to avoid that your brain explode. But that's not the problem because what maurcs did is to create the most insane psychedelic experience i've ever seen in a movie since, well, may be the famous "journey through the stars" at the end of 2001 A Space Odyssey. Which, to be honest had more meaning as it was an important part of 2001 storyline. 

As a Youtuber said in its comment, watching these six Star Wars films all together is "for people who like to think they are on LSD while not actually taking LSD". It's exactly that. If your mind had the ability to be in six different places and be conscious of what was happening in the six places at the same time, it probably won't be different, except you'll be in trouble as your brain couldn't support this too much datas. But those who tried LSD during the good ol' days will tell you what it is to have the feeling that your consciousness is exploding. 

The other thing amazing here is how this idea to put the six Star Wars films one upon each other created something interesting, esthetically speaking. Kind of psychedelic pop art or so... 

Considering the weight of the file maurcs uploaded it on Youtube only in 360p but i'm sure that screened in Full HD on a giant screen it would be an awesome experience. That said, i don't know what maurcs had smoked when he did this, but it sure was some good one! And, to quote another Youtube comment, "Anyone who can watch through this entire thing must be high...". So, have a nice trip as this is the ultimate Star Wars experience for the mind!

Picture and video : copyright LucasFilm

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