Saturday, July 11, 2015

Jedi Training Academy Debut at Disneyland Paris Discoveryland Videopolis

It was the D-day today for the Jedi Training Academy which debut at DLP Discoveryland Videopolis. Thanks to our friends of ED92 we have great pictures of the impressive new stage they've built inside Videopolis, as well as pics of the show itself. The two first shows at 3 and 4 pm this Saturday were reserved for annual pass holders only but you'll see the whole show below in a video filmed by Toon Studios. Let's start by pics of the theatre before the show started.

And now, pics of the show itself. As you'll see below and in the video there is a cool scene during which the young padawans make levitate R2D2.

Then Darth Vader arrive on stage and will have short fights with all the young padawans ( Jedi apprentices ).

And here below is a first video of the full show of DLP Jedi Training Academy filmed this afternoon in HD by Toon Studios. The show length is around 15 minutes. So, what do i think about the show? Well, as much as they've done obvious efforts to build a nice stage, effects, etc… i, personally, think that the show is a bit boring and i think i know why. I think this Jedi Training Academy works fine at Disney Hollywood Studios because in fact it's made to be an outdoor show, a kind of outdoor happening. And that's what it is, fundamentally, not an indoor show with people sit, etc… That said, this Jedi Training Academy is definitely something for young children who will keep most probably good memories of it, as well of course as their parents watching them. Make sure to choose the higher definition when you watch the video below.

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Pictures: copyright ED92, Disney

Video: copyright Toon Studios

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