Saturday, July 11, 2015

New Shanghaî Disneyland Treasure Cove Pirates of Caribbean Artwork

The new Shanghaî Disneyland rendering above has been released in a new SDL video and, after the new Fantasyland artworks released two days ago that you can see HERE, this time it's an artwork for Treasure Cove, the Pirates of Caribbean land. It's a night scene but i don't think it shows an indoor scene, and certainly not a scene from the ride. I think it shows an outdoor scene in font of the POTC fortress or ne of the restaurants of the land and may be with the ride entrance in the background.

At first sight this new rendering is the only one included in the video - which can be watched HERE  - with the big one showing the whole land. But if we have a closer look at the video there is another one, although they added some canon effects on it, and it's showing a scene from the ride itself.

The artwork was by the way released previously and match a picture showing the inside of the POTC set which was released some months ago, the one below, showing two pirate ships between which the ride vehicle will go through before entering inside the ship on the right. And i'm ready to bet that either the scene you'll see above in the background will be either hand painted in the ride background or will be a projection effect. Or may be both, with a background painting and projection effects added on it.

We may have more artwork in the coming days and certainly on Wednesday 15 during the scheduled announcement.

Pictures: copyright Disney, Shendi

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