Monday, July 13, 2015

Rare Pictures of Disneyland Paris Creation

Today, July 14, is the national day in France - like July 4 in the U.S - and in celebration i've got something great for you! I've found in a very rare 1989 DLP stockholder report ( yes, 1989 as DLP stock was introduced years before park opening in 1992 ) rare pictures of the making of the park that for the most you've probably never seen before. I've found as well rare renderings that i will post soon on D&M in another article.

So let's start by the beginning, an when you create a theme park you must do artwork and models first ! On the picture above, Bob Fitzpatrick, first DLP CEO is here with WDI Imagineers and DLP early model - enlarge the picture to see the difference with the reality now, specially with the entrance and Disneyland Hotel.

Below, two WDI Imagineers working on DLP Discoveryland model.

A rare picture of Imagineer and Discoveryland show-producer Tim Delaney ( front ) with two others WDI Imagineers working on the design of Discoveryland. Note the rare artwork of an early concept of Discovery Mountain, on the wall in the background.

On this next picture, the Alice Curious Labyrinth model.

Painter and WDI Imagineer John Horny painting a new artwork for DLP Frontierland Thunder Mesa.

A fantastic artwork showing Disneyland Paris Resort in its final concept. Definitely click on it to see it in big size.

Another great artwork showing DLP hotels around the lake.

A picture of DLP WDI model in its final design; Note how Autopia is not include in the model, neither Star Tours and the Captain EO Theater.

When you've finished the design you need a master plan too before starting to build a theme park and this one below will show you how it was envisioned back in 1989, including the areas for future plans as they were envisioned at that time. Click on it to see it in big size.

And now it was time to build the park! Here is a rare picture showing the land on which Disneyland Paris is now before anything was built.

A rare aerial color picture showing the construction of Disneyland Paris at the very beginning. You already can guess the different lands.

Another great aerial picture showing the construction of Big Thunder Mountain and Thunder Mesa.

A second shot showing the construction of Big Thunder and Phantom Manor.

A great aerial picture showing the construction of Adventureland Adventure Isle.

This final picture shows the construction of Main Street U.S.A at a time DLP Castle was completed.

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Pictures: copyright Disney

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