Monday, August 31, 2015

A Closer Look to Shanghaî Disneyland Mickey Avenue

Thanks to a new video from the D23 Shanghaî Disneyland presentation area we have a close look at SDL Mickey Avenue, the "entrance street" of Shanghaî Disneyland as there won't be any Main Sttreet U.S.A as we find it generally in Disney's Magic Kingdoms. "Mickey Avenue will be the first main entry at a Disney park inspired by the colorful personalities of Mickey Mouse and his pals. Mickey Avenue is the hometown of imagination, a welcoming, whimsical neighborhood filled with lively shops and restaurants. Stepping into this cheerful land sets the tone for a visit to Shanghai Disneyland, where guests will leave their worlds behind and enter lands of adventure, fantasy and the future."

We've seen before some views of Mickey Avenue as seen from above thanks to the model shown during Shanghaî presentation last July...

...but this CGI Pre-Visualization model show it from a different angle as seen "from the ground". If you want to know the size and length of Mickay Avenue think about the size of Town Square plus half of Main Street and that's basically how long will be this Mickey Avenue which will end with a Carthay Theater on its left, standing right in front of SDL castle.

Mickey Avenue will also include plenty of shops and restaurants in tribute to Disney animated classics as you'll see in the video below filmed by Mouse Steps at D23, from which i did the above enhanced screen captures.

And i've got "One More Thing" for you, not about Mickey Avenue but about the new Peter Pan's Flight vehicle system thanks to which "guests will soar as never before into this action-packed story of the boy who encourages imaginations to fly."You'll see SDL Imagineers testing the new ride vehicle system on a short test track, and the video also shows some animation tests which apparently should be include somewhere during the ride.

Pictures and videos: copyright Disney - Shendi


K. Martinez said...

I don't know. A Disneyland without a railroad is no magic kingdom to me. Maybe I'm getting jaded, but I'm not impressed with what I've seen so far on SDL.

Carl Petersen said...

The ride system looks very similar to ET. Also, Shrek 4D uses the same gag with Tink and a frog.

Xavier said...

Ratatouille animation is lift from the WDS ride.

Tom said...

Must be honest: that Peter Pan ride system looks very smooth and much better than the older versions!

And the Tinker Bell animation looks great too!