Friday, September 11, 2015

HKDL 10th Anniversary Celebration Starts, New "Fairy Tale Forest" Attraction Unveiled with New "Mickey and the Wondrous Book" Show and New Firework!

Today, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort kicked off its 10th anniversary celebration with a glittering ceremony in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle. In celebration of the new decade, HKDL announced magical new experiences coming to the resort and shared new details about developments that will contribute to the appeal of Hong Kong as a world-class tourist destination.

During today’s ceremony, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Chairman Bob Chapek announced a year-long “Happily Ever After” celebration starting in mid-November with an amazing array of new entertainment for guests to enjoy. 

Bob Chapek also shared details and revealed the title of the awaited new attraction "Fairy Tale Forest", a new Fantasyland attraction. Fairy Tale Forest will open in December, and will let HKDL guests walk through a winding, living storybook realm based on Disney fairytales. Using creative landscaping, the whimsical passages will feature miniature scenes from “Tangled,” “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “Cinderella” and “The Little Mermaid”. The forest will also be home for Tinker Bell where she will greet guests in Pixie Hollow.

Fairy Tale Forest is still under construction and the site surrounded by fences. Some of the scenes are already in place but so far not a lot of pics shot by HKDL fans are available, except the two below. On the first one by the way we can see in the background the structure of TSL RC Racer, but that's because the picture was shot from a high position, may be from the Dumbo ride. Let's hope there won't be too much visual intrusion when seen at the ground level.

On the second picture below you can see in the background the Tinkerbell area.

Also confirmed the new show inside HKDL Fantasyland theater - where "The Golden Mickeys" played during the last ten years - "Mickey and the Wondrous Book", a new 25 min musical which will include scenes related to the Jungle Book, “The Little Mermaid,” “Tangled,” “Brave,” “Aladdin,” “The Princess and the Frog,” and “Frozen.”

A new fireworks show also started and although the soundtrack is still the same one - "Disney in the Stars" - the castle mapping projections have changed and you can see the full show on the video below uploaded on Youtube by Youtuber Raymond Lo!

HKDL 10th Anniversary also has a 10th Ann song and it is "Happily Ever After" which was sang last night for the 10th Ann kick-off, here is the video filmed by michael20183/

And of course let's not forget that this 10th Anniversary year will see also the opening in 2016 of Iron Man Experience in Tomorrowland.

It will be the first Marvel ride designed by WDI and HKDL guests will fight along with Iron Man the evil Hydra and it sorbets sent on Hong Kong!

With a new attraction, a new E-Ticket ride, a new show and a new fireworks 2016 will be a great 10th Anniversary year for Hong Kong Disneyland, the perfect time to visit the park! And the future looks bright as HKSAR Government Chief Executive Cy Leung announced the opening of the new Explorers Lodge Hotel in 2017 AND the awaited HKDL Phase 2 which is planned for in a few years!

Pictures: copyright Disney


Tom said...

This looks great. The Fairy Tale Forest looks like a small addition, like the Gardens of Wonders, but still nice. Will it be located near the entrance of Fantasyland, when you enter from TSL/ Adventureland?

I simply love HKDL, with a new B-ticket (just a guess), new E-ticket, new show and a new hotel in the future, it's growing as it should be. Very nice, thanks for the update :)

Hey said...

CYLeung is the Chief executive of HKSAR government while Andrew Kam is the Managing Director of HKDL.

Alain Littaye said...

Thanks, Hey, edit done!

Allan said...

There is report that Bob Chapek said Iron Man Experience will open in May 2016, rather than end of 2016.