Friday, October 30, 2015

Disneyland Paris Update : Works Begin on Frontierland Big Thunder Mountain and Rivers of the Far-West Geysers

Here is a new Disneyland Paris update and, that's it the long refurbishment on Big Thunder Mountain and Rivers of the Far-West Geysers has finally started and will last until ...January 2017 ! Not only Big Thunder Mountain and the arch will be repainted but the geysers which were not working since many years should work at last again when this long renovation will be over, and that's a damn' good news!

Thanks to Max, D&M collaborator and DLPWelcome webmaster we have the first pictures and right now they're installing a "life base camp" for the workers as well as a walkway over the water to access easily Big Thunder Mountain. This is done in the back, near the geysers so not really visible by DLP guests although they probably can see it from Phantom Manor graveyard which will be a good viewpoint to observe the works in the coming months if they don't put fences there...

The base camp which will serve for the workers.

Below, the walkway over the water and the "stone" arch which will be repainted.

For those of you who don't know it yet DLP Big Thunder Mountain will get the new finale in the last lift with explosion projection mapping, just like at Disneyland!

At the entrance of the park the works on the new ground in Fantasia Gardens is finished on the right part and i have to say that it looks nice.

As guests go through the park entrance they instantly notice the huge scaffoldings of Main Street USA Station. The renovation of the station is done to redesign the queue, to update the sound system, lighting, restore the organ, woodwork, carpentry, roofing and stairs, and of course also paintings, and this will last until September 2016. On the ground floor, the lockers unused since 15 years will be replaced by benches and a new ground to avoid any risk of falling which apparently existed with the current one.

Tomorrow Oct 31 is the big day for the awaited Halloween Party and the "Halloween Disco - Very Dance Party" will happen in the back of Discoveryland. Max has pictures of the structures being installed and soon ready to receive all the equipments for the nightclub with bubble machine, smoke, flames, and spotlights.

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Pictures: copyright DLPWelcome, Disney


Tom said...

YEEHA! They have started, thanks for the update, we are all looking forward to 2017 I think.

Very nice :)

K. Martinez said...

Nice coverage. Good to see the that Big Thunder Mountain and Rivers of the War West are getting some love. I always thought DLP's Frontierland was the most beautiful and interesting area of the park.