Friday, October 2, 2015

It's Official! Universal Studios Japan Reveal the "Greatest Dinosaur Ride in the World" !

It's official! Universal Studios Japan revealed today the name of the major E-Ticket ride which will open next year for USJ 15th Anniversary. Announced a few months ago as "the greatest dinosaur ride in the world" the new ride will be a "flying coaster" in the Jurassic Park land and is titled "The Flying Dinosaur". Universal announces it as the highest flying coaster in the world. As you can see on the picture above guests will be suspended under a Pteranodon and here is the synopsis / storyline of the ride:

"Since its opening in 2001, Jurassic Park has been popular to all guests around the world. Actually within the site, they avoided human management in the area where wild Pteranodon were living to keep it secret.
"Jurassic Park" development team, to make true the dream of an attraction where you'll fly with them, have been through many years of research. Finally, they disciplined the wild Pteranodon and succeeded in having him fly in a stable state. However, it is said that even well-trained, they are wild dinosaur so during the flight, be careful because it is said that sometime you can suddenly lose control..."

No need to say that this is a major announcement and this Jurassic Park flying coaster will be amazing, i'm curious to see what scenes / species will await guests who will fly around the land next year... and to see if this new Universal ride will be "imported" in Universal Studios parks in the U.S!

Picture: copyright Universal Studios Japan


K. Martinez said...

It kind of reminds me of going to an old-fashioned restaurant where there's a printed sign above the service counter with the words "World's Greatest Pie Served Here". Not sure what they mean by "Greatest Dinosaur Ride in the World". That's quite a claim.

Themeparkfan1 said...

This is truly fantastic!