Saturday, October 24, 2015

Shanghaî Disneyland Update : New Treasure Cove Artwork !

All-right, it's the week-end so it's time for the Shanghaî Disneyland update and i have new great artworks for you as SDL released new renderings for the Treasure Cove land!

Above is the Treasure Cove map as displayed on the Shanghaî Disney Resort website. Now, the first picture below shows you the pirate ship that SDL guests will see in Treasure Cove lagoon, not so far from the entrance of the Barbossa's Bounty restaurant.

Next rendering is showing the start of the Pirates of Caribbean ride during which, precisely, the riders will see others guests having lunch or dinner at the restaurant. A scene quite similar to the one at DLP with the Blue Lagoon or at DL with the Blue Bayou.

Now, as you know, SDL Pirates of Caribbean ride is called "Battle for the Sunken Treasure", which mean, basically, a battle for a treasure now underwater. And here is the rendering showing the ride scene with the treasure underwater. Which also mean that, yes, your boat will need to go underwater too. But this was announced officially last July when Iger said that the ride will take guests both over water and under water. What he didn't say is that your boat will be supposedly hit during the battle between the two huge pirate ships and that your boat will be supposed to sink (!) ...and so going under water. Well, not really under water as the effect will be done thanks to some dry-for-wet lighting from WDI wizards but it should be impressive anyway. And, hey, it will be the first Pirates of Caribbean ride in which you'll go underwater!

This next rendering is showing what most probably is the pre-show scene of the Pirate stunt show in El Teatro Fandango.

And last but not least here is another never seen before rendering showing Treasure Cove Explorer Canoes, which will be the only kinetic element in Treasure Cove Lagoon!

See you soon for a new Shanghaî Disneyland update!

Artwork: copyright Disney, Shendi

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