Sunday, October 18, 2015

Shanghaî Disneyland Update : New Spectacular Drone Video !

We'll stay at Shanghaî Disneyland to start the week as a new video filmed last week from a drone over the park has been released by the Chinese! As usual i did screen captures for you - make sure to click on each to see them in big size - and you also have the video at the end of the article.

This time the drone did apparently its lift-off from behind Fantasyland...

...providing a great view of the whole park and resort, with the lake and SDL Hotel in the background. Tomorrowland is on the right.

...flying over Fantasyland with Seven Dwarfs Mine ride on the bottom left.

SDL Castle, Journey to the Crystal Grotto on the bottom center and Alice in Wonderland labyrinth on the left of the castle.

The video then turn left towards Treasure Cove and we have a closer shot of Seven Dwarfs Mine ride mountain. But look at the "back" of the mountain which is surprisingly "open". Very strange, i wonder if it'll stay like this or of they will "close" it later. Not sure, though, as it's strange that they didn't did it already. Probably it'll stay open for an easy technical access, especially if that side won't be seen by the guests. Still, i find it this odd...

The building roof at the bottom left is the one of the Pirates of Caribbean show building. On the middle left is Treasure Cove  Lagoon, not yet filled with water.

And here is the video as i'm sure you'r dying to see it! See you soon for a new Shanghaî Disneyland update!

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benji said...

Tokyo Disneysea very much has the same thing in terms of any buildings/structures not seen by guests inside the park isn't themed, but by no means compromises its amazing quality. His is despite there being a monorail around the resort where these areas can be seen. Given that I doubt they would take the time and money to render the back of Dwarves at SDL