Saturday, November 14, 2015

It's All About the Assembly Point

One more thought about what happened in Paris, and later tonight or tomorrow we'll be back to theme parks news.

As it happen in this kind of event a lot of people are saying "we're living in a world of nuts". Now, let me tell you this: NO, we are not, THEY are - the terrorists - and i'd like to take a minute or two to explain you a bit more about this.

Basically, we're all living on the same planet but not in the same mental space. It can be for cultural reasons - for instance an American and someone from India don't have the same cultural roots and don't "see" the world the same way - but the reality being quite the same everywhere we all join together in a global mental space where reasonable and rational people learn to live together. But there are other people - the crazy ones - who, for different reasons are seeing the world with a psychotic angle. They live on the same planet than us and live in the same material world but their mental space is as far as possible than ours. Their world is not rational, the logic of it is based on beliefs which don't have any sense, etc... and their "bubble of reality" can't connect with the one of rational and reasonable people.

Now, what really happened on Friday evening in Paris is that THEIR mental space has stormed inside OUR mental space, the one we share together. The goal being to drag us in their mental space, their "world of nuts" where all is about fear and power. Unfortunately, generally it works, just like it did in Sept 2001. But to succeed they have to do something so powerful for the mind that it will cause a move of what is called in chinese energetic medicine ( also known as acupuncture ) the "assembly point". What is the "assembly point"? Well, as you probably know chinese energetic medicine is based on what is called the energy canals in which is moving the "Chen" ( the energy ) and it's also where acupuncturist put their needles to de-block energetic knots which prevent the energy to flow as it should do ( i did acupuncture studies in a previous life so i know well what i'm talking about ).

Now, i'm not going to do a master class about acupuncture, but basically all these energies assemble together, creating an "invisible energetic body" - what christians call the "soul". There is multiple assembly points possible which are all based on the front of the body and they're located starting from just below the ombilicus and then more up to the top of the head including the famous one located on the forehead between the eyes - the "third eye" - where Hindus put their famous color powder. They are also called "chakras" in India. And depending of the assembly point - or chakra - where all your energies assemble you will "see" the world on a different way. The outside reality remain the same of course but the way you "see" the world in your mind will be completely different.

What the terrorists try to achieve is to blow up the place where is our assembly point to drag us in "their" world. And if the shock is strong enough it will succeed and your usual mental space will be so much disturbed that it will install panic. This is where the fear is coming from. And this is why it is so important to don't let them win the war of fear ...and succeed ( consciously or unconsciously ) to put back our assembly point where it was before. Most of the time we succeed to do it, but the disturbance generally left a trace. And sometime the traumatism shock is such that it moves the assembly point of the whole world, this is what happened on Sept 11 as, as we know, there has been a "before" and "after", and the world was not the same after Sept 11 ( always talking here about the mental vision of the world, not the material world ).

Anyway, all this to say that the battleground of this war is in fact not only in streets but also in our minds and this is probably where it is the most important to win the battle. And the best way to do it is to be rational. Yes, there have been terrorist attack in Paris, we had others before and there will be others in the future. But, no, there won't be attacks each day and the chances to die in a terrorist attack are still the lowest compared to others kind of death. What happened Friday evening is an unforgettable tragedy, but life must win, not death, and we have to learn to get out of it just like we do after a sleep during which we had a really bad nightmare. Sometime it takes hours to get out of a nightmare and here it's the same: it's just people who try to drag us in THEIR nightmare, and we must find in our mind the way out. It's a matter of survival, it's a matter of life winning over death.


K. Martinez said...

Well said, Alain.

Tefuse said...

Without convoluted ideas lets be clear - evil is real and these killers are evil. Hitler was evil, and needed to be destroyed. These killers are the same. There is much beauty in the world more powerful than evil - but evil is cancer and must be destroyed OR it will destroy all beauty.

Do not think anyone can merely entertain oneself and be safe until the movement of these killers is completely eradicated.