Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Star Wars : The Force Awakens Review - with Absolutely NO Spoilers

SO, i saw Star Wars : The Force Awakens today and here is my feeling about it - just a feeling more than a real review to don't spoil anything. There is absolutely NO spoilers down there so you can read it - or not, as you wish.

Let's put it this way: i liked it really, and even quite a lot, as it is a real "Star Wars" film. What i mean by that is this: when you do a Star Wars movie there is a certain number of "boxes" that you have to check. You must have laser saber fights, alien monsters, battle in space, a real bad villain, not to mention a story with Shakespearian dimension, etc... and there is quite a lot of boxes to check when you do a SW film. And J.J Abrams has checked all the boxes, meaning that all you are awaiting to see in a Star Wars movie is here.

But it's also a bit more complicated as not only you must have "this and that" scenes but they also must have the right "energy", they need to "vibrate" in a certain way. And where J.J Abrams is really smart it's that he succeeded to find the right energy for each scene. Congrats to him for that and too to Lawrence Kasdan for an excellent script as well to most of the actors as almost all of them are perfect in the role they have and in the AGE that their role is supposed to have.

That said, it's the start of a new trilogy with both an old and a new generation and the new generation is going to grow up like they did in the previous trilogies. The only difference is that we don't start here with a 10 year old boy but with characters who are supposed to have the age they have in real life and mostly the same age the characters had in the very first Star Wars movie, i.e episode 4. There is one or two things on which i'm a little bit less convinced but i won't discuss these today as i really don't want to spoil anything in any way.

If you've seen the movie today and if you leave a comment below, again, do NOT spoil the storyline, please don't say anything about the plot to don't spoil the movie for those who don't have seen it yet. That said, i think that most of you will enjoy it a lot IF you don't expect from the movie more than it is supposed to deliver. But it's a real Star Wars movie, there is no doubt about that, with the right Star Wars "spirit", so you don't have to worry about that.

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Allan said...

Not writing about the movie itself, but a Hong Kong newspaper called Apple Daily spoiled the entire movie plot on all of its platforms (print and electronic) before the Disney embargo (16 Dec 12:01am Pacific time). I really wonder if Disney will stop this company from attending any of its media events in the future?

This same media company did the same thing with Avengers 2. So it is not the first time.

Tom said...

Yes! I saw it yesterday after seeing not even one trailer and I LOVED it! Episode VII delivered, it's pure Star Wars greatness :)

Everybody: go see it and enjoy!!!

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Awesome movie, just seen it, and the the ending is epic! It has the look and the feel of the old trilogy and is probably the second best SW movie after Empire Strikes back; at least it's certainly much better than the last trilogy.