Saturday, January 9, 2016

Final Performance of Aladdin Show at Disney California Adventure - Watch It One Last Time in 4K!

The acclaimed Aladdin show at Disney California Adventure had its final performance today and for many, including me, this musical show was the best show ever in a Disney theme park. Watch it one last time, and in 4K definition - thanks to this video filmed by Youtuber HanaaMontan

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Brandon Piazza said...

It's sad to see the end of this show! When I lived in LA my agent sent me to audition for Alladin! I look like him but I knew immediately I didn't have the voice for this size production! I Agree Alan it is probably the best park or cruise performance in the world! Almost makes me think Disney should try knew Broadway material her and then extend the original shows to work for other world cities! Even if they had to charge a premium of $20 and include soda and popcorn, the venue really could be a launching place for a lot of young talent!