Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Frozen Fantasy Debut at Tokyo Disneyland With Fantastic Frozen Parade

At Tokyo Disneyland Anna and Elsa's Frozen Fantasy is back and the 2016 Frozen parade looks really great. And it's a full Frozen parade, meaning that all the floats are dedicated to the Frozen story. 

As usual the Japanese did things very well and you can see the whole thing in HD - and even 4K! - on the video below filmed by Youtube tdrblognote! One more good thing : you don't hear "Let it Snow" during the whole parade - just with Elsa's float at the end, and that's a damn' good news! Note: jump directly to 5.10 min as the parade don't start before that.

Video: copyright tdrblognote

Photos: copyright tdrblognote, tdrnavi

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