Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Dubai Parks and Resorts Announces 27 Rides and Attractions for Motion Gate Theme Park

We have news from Dubai Parks and Resorts about the attractions of the Motion Gate theme park currently in construction and they've announced a starting slate of 27 rides and attractions set to populate its movie-inspired grounds.

Motiongate is part of the Dh10.5 billion Dubai Parks and Resorts, a 2.3 million square metres development off Sheikh Zayed Road opposite the Palm Jebel Ali.
“We are taking guests beyond the screen, into a world of cinematic adventure at Motiongate Dubai with an action-packed line-up of Hollywood-inspired rides and attractions, from fast-paced roller coasters and multisensory theatre shows to imaginative play areas," said Guido Zucchi, Motiongate general manager.

Inspired by films from DreamWorks Animation, Sony Pictures Studios, and Lionsgate, the new roller coasters, theater shows, and play areas at motiongate Dubai, as part of Dubai Parks and Resorts, are designed to hit a large slate of park goers across all age brackets.

The park will be split into five zones: Studio Central, the park’s entry boulevard, is designed to replicate a working movie set in New York City; Sony Pictures Studios features seven attractions with a Hotel Transylvania dark rides, a Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs rapids water ride, Ghostbusters and a Green Hornet roller coaster. 

Dreamworks has 12 attractions inspired by How to Train your Dragon, Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar and Shrek, including two roller coasters — Madagascar Mad Pursuit, the park’s fastest, and Dragon Glides, a suspended roller coaster in the vein of How to Train Your Dragon. 

Lionsgate has the world’s first theme park attractions based on The Hunger Games, a Capitol Bullet Train roller coaster.

The Smurfs Village has five attractions geared to younger visitors, including a Smurfs Village Express train. Other attractions include stage shows of Zombieland and play areas themed around Shrek, Smurfs, Dragon, and Cloudy.

Elaine Hinds, the park’s director of entertainment, said “Each ride is different and offers something for everyone. The movie studios themselves are excited about the park," she said. The year-round venue has the potential to expand in future as more films are produced. “Once the park opens I’m sure we will have sequels so we can introduce new rides and other entertainment," Ms Hinds said.

“Movies are a favorite leisure pursuit in this region, and motiongate Dubai is combining the best of Hollywood cinema, theme parks and live entertainment to create an amazing experience for our guests throughout their journey at Dubai Parks and Resorts,” said Dubai Parks and Resorts COO Stanford Pino in a press statement.

Motion gate will open this October, the same day as the others separate parks dedicated to Bollywood  ( picture above ) and Legoland. More infos about Motion Gate on the official site HERE  and for the complete list of rides and attractions, jump to Screamscape HERE.

Pictures: copyright Dubai Parks and Resorts, Dreamworks, Sony

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