Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Terrorist Attacks Hits Brussels

Terrorist attacks happened today in Brussels, two bombs exploded at Brussels Airport then one hour later one more bomb exploded in Brussels subway. 31 people have been killed and 270 wounded. After Paris last November, innocent people of Brussels have paid the price of their life due to the incredible stupidity of a bunch of terrorists bastards who probably think their actions will bring a change when in fact they are going nowhere, except right into hell. Today's Brussels attacks are obviously a revenge to the capture of Salah Abdeslam three days ago and most probably another terrorists group thinking they might be arrested soon have decided to blow it all. 

Disney and more stands in solidarity with our friends in Belgium and the attacks victims. Belgium is also the country where comic book art was born and famous Belgium artists have posted today plenty of drawings in solidarity to the victims. Hergé, legendary creator of Tintin - Belgium most iconic comic book hero - died more than 30 years ago, but one has posted the picture above showing Tintin crying for his beloved people and country.


Colin Prijn said...

# Pray for Brussels :(

Brandon Piazza said...

Myself and the USA stand in solidarity with u!