Friday, April 22, 2016

Shanghaî Disneyland Week-End Update !

Here we go for the awaited D&M Shanghaî Disneyland week-end update! And this week-end i have new pictures of the Shanghaî Disneyland Hotel, Toy Story Hotel as well as Shanghai Village with a new drone video!

We'll start with these new pics of the Shanghaî Disneyland Hotel art-nouveau lobby, posted on Instagram by riki_luk and others people.

The view from the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel. Hopefully the sky will be more blue when you'll stay there.

Let's watch to the new drone video providing new aerial views of the Toy Story Hotel and the art-deco Shanghaî Village, the retail area located at the other end of Wishing Star lake.

Here are screen shots from it.

See you soon for a new Shanghaî Disneyland update!

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