Friday, May 6, 2016

Disneyland Paris Discoveryland New Star Tours Entrance Design Unveiled !

Something big for you today about Disneyland Paris Star Tours 2, and it's thanks to our friends from Disney Central Plaza who had the opportunity to see the blueprints and renderings of the new design of the area at the City Hall ( not the one on Town Square, the one of the city on which DLP is built ) where the French law authorize anyone to look at them.

So here below are the pics posted on DCP by Chafouin and nicoetsab showing how Star Tours entrance will look once finished and the blueprints. As rumored, the X-Wing will be put on the top of the Star Traders shop, and the shop will become a Star Wars characters meet and greet / photo location. The previous Star Tours post-show area will be transformed in a merchandise shop.

Below a close-up on the entrance arch, personally, i am not super fan of its look, but may be the final design will be different...

Next are the blueprints, starting by the ones of the X-Wing fighter on the top of Star Traders.

The next blueprint show the photo areas inside Star Traders where guests will meet Star Wars characters.

Blueprint showing how the current post-show area will be transformed in a Star Wars merchandise shop.

Next blueprint picture shows apparently the outdoor queue area before entering isnide the show building.

More blueprints can be seen on DCP Facebook page HERE.

For those of you who find this new design of the entrance a bit odd, here are my thoughts: As we know a Star Wars land is envisioned for DLP in the future. My guess is that they know they don’t have the room to build a similar Star Wars land at Discoveryland like the one currently built at DL and WDW DHS, and that they’re probably going to build it at the WDS where they have plenty of room, not to mention that a Star Wars land will attract guests in the WDS park, something needed desperately. Which means that DLP Star Tours could end to be moved at the WDS once Star Wars land will be built like they probably will do with the Star Tours at Disneyland Tomorrowland when Star Wars land will be finished at Anaheim. And so, they probably don't want to spend a lot of money at DLP if they plan to move Star Tours to the WDS in a near future. It's just my guess and i may be wrong.

Your thougths about this new Star Tours entrance?

Pictures: copyright Disney


Esskaycee said...

I think the new arch works, it looks like the Star Tours Logo abstracted and has a touch of vintage Tomorrowland to it. Thank goodness it is the original X-Wing and not the The Force Awakens version.

mr.Lime said...

My expectations were pretty high, but in my opinion the entire new entrance looks very disappointing. I was hoping for an Imperial Walker (like the one in DHS) to be put next to the elevated X-Wing, in stead of that weird looking triangle-thing. Let's hope that the final result will look a lot better, and less strange.

Tom said...

The new entrance looks like a circus tent entrance. I don't like it, the entrance under the X-wing was much more impressive. I don't see how moving the X-wing to the roof is better?!
First thoughts: this looks odd...

As about moving a complete attraction to another park, I really, really don't see that happening!
This would mean a complete rebuilding of the building, as the simulators would be the only thing you can transport to the new place. This costs so much money, which dlp does not have.
The parks still are 2 separate parks. If they build a Star Wars land in WDS (don't see that happening either, sorry), why not give people a little bit Star Wars in both parks?! There is a Toy Story themed attraction in both parks, I don't see why Star Wars suddenly needs to be concentrated in 1 place?!

Michael Breen said...

Disneyland Paris doesn't have money? Then please enlighten me as to how they're paying for the massive multi-million euro renovation projects for each of their major rides. An Expansion to the WDS is overdue and not outside of the realm of possibility. Rebuilding the Star Tours building inside WDS is also within the realm of possibility. The ride and show systems could easily be relocated and THAT IS the expensive part. Rebuilding the structure that houses them is relatively cheap and would free up a nice piece of Discoveryland for a future expansion that would potentially fit the theme of the land.
Regarding Toy Story, while it's true the Buzz Lightyear ride is within the realm of the Toy Story universe, I would like to point out that its story does not fit in the same part of the universe as the movie franchise, but is based on the television series Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. That is why it is more than acceptable for it to coexist with the Toy Story attractions in WDS. That said, I'm also not convinced it truly fits the theme of Discoveryland.