Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Shanghaî Disneyland Tomorrowland TRON Lightcycles Power Run POV Full Ride Video

If you've not watched it it in the big Shangahî Disneyland article below, here is the best video so far of the awaited TRON Lightcycles Power Run ride at Shanghaî Disneyland Tomorrowland!

Video: copyright Airfime Chao


Anonymous said...

Classic ride mistakes made ..too bad. It reminds me of riding the monorail at Disneyland when it goes out along the Harbour Blvd street. You lose the magic. They could have made a tinted glass tunnel on launch to let others see the train gear up and yet hide the riders view to focus on the Tron theme. Even the show building is visible at tone point during the launch. Exterior track supports not themed to a light pulse but just plain ..too bad. Biggest issue. The light cycle ride position is wild and exciting or unless for myself with back issues terrifying. I figure afterwards my back would kink up and that would be that. Was there any consideration to conventional seating like a Tron sidecar etc. Did not see one recogniser or attack against the cycles just a lot of neon.

Done complaining. Your thoughts as well are appreciated.

mr.Lime said...

Very disappointing ride. Like anonymous said, the outside part totally ruins the immersion effects. At night, it might look amazing, but not during the day.
Also, the duration of the ride seems pretty short.

K. Martinez said...

@Anonymous. Riding the monorail along Harbor Blvd loses the magic? Riding the monorail along Harbor demonstrates a transportation system within an urban environment of which Walt Disney was trying to communicate to the public, an actual transportation system. Not just some theme park fantasy ride. If anything, riding the monorail along Harbor Boulevard IS the magic!