Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Refurbishment of Disneyland Paris Fantasia Gardens

As you know, the impressive Fantasia Gardens esplanade at the entrance of Disneyland Paris park is currently being totally refurbished. It will be easier to access and visually more impressive than ever. This major works site should be finished by Spring 2017. More about this long renovation from the official Disneyland Paris News:

Fantasia Gardens, with its sophisticated Victorian landscape, basins and kiosks is truly designed to relax. Guests who wish to go to the Disneyland Park enjoy going through the area that is located right under the windows of the Disneyland Hotel. This majestic green area is also one of the most photographed spots at Disneyland Paris.

In order to improve the Guest experience as they approach Disneyland Park, and as part of the renovation program of the tourist destination, the decision was made two years ago to launch a far-reaching refurbishment program of landscape and hardscape of this unique entrance to a Disney Park.

René-Claude Bourgeois, construction project leader, gives a few details regarding this exceptional works site: “The tiles in Fantasia Gardens cover a total area of 14.000m2, which is the equivalent of two football fields. And that is what needs to be covered again! Aside from the ground, the curbs –a total of 2.8 km!- the coping, the planted flower beds and the rails will all be redone.”

The program is in its 15th phase as the ground covering located between the gardens is being replaced. The concrete slabs are now being replaced by pavers of better quality, easier to up-keep and with an average thickness of 12 centimeters. The pavers are mainly from the Bourgogne region, made by local manufacturers, while a company located in the Dordogne area has been called in to take care of the small stone walls.

In order to meet the standards of the multi-year accessibility program currently underway at Disneyland Paris for persons with reduced mobility, the stairs have been adapted to the current standards, including “tactile” pavement near the steps. The existing drinking fountains have also been adapted for easier use, even by persons in wheelchairs.

Aside from the green areas and its paved passages, Fantasia Gardens also host a large central basin with various fountains.The refurbishment has been the perfect opportunity to rehabilitate this central feature : consequently, new water jets and pumps are currently being installed along with a refurbishment of the adorning stone work. Lighting has also been modified with the energy-saving and high-performance LED system that will offer an improved show at night. This phase of the works, undoubtedly the most ambitious in the global project, will be concluded by the end of July.
bassins fantasia gardens

This project is another excellent example of the strong collaboration between Design & Construction and Walt Disney Imagineering teams.

The total renovation of the area should be finished in Spring 2017, unveiling once again this magnificent entry sequence to all guests.

Pictures and text: copyright Disney

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